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In what style to choose the decor, what colors to give preference to so that the New Year’s interior is cozy and at the same time spectacular? In this article, we will tell you how you can decorate your home for the new year 2015 in art deco, country, Scandinavian or traditional style..

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Translucent organza and a veil draped with lush folds, boa-shaped garlands of exotic feathers and fur – such a glamorous interior, reminiscent of theatrical stage, does not leave the traditional green Christmas tree a single chance to exist. Laconic linear stylization, hard contrast with lush decor – this is a 2015 New Year tree in the art deco style

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Nevertheless, the traditional green spruce is present in the 2015 New Year’s art deco design, but in miniature, as a symbol of the elusive past. The centerpiece, once assigned to her in the interior, is now firmly occupied by a futuristic tree, painted in an unnatural silvery-white shade, with fancy leaves in the form of emerald balls and shimmering garland ice

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 The festive table continues the theme of the theatrical show – the attributes of a masquerade, a contrasting color scheme, a lot of glitter and tinsel. Intense shades of blue and violet are accentuated by matte, slightly aged, golden details

New Year’s interior 2015: eco-warmth of the Scandinavian style

In the Scandinavian countries, the specifics of the upcoming 2015, the year of the green sheep according to the Chinese calendar, will probably remain unaddressed. We will try to borrow some finds from them – for the New Year’s interior in these states they invariably choose natural grassy and woody brown shades. A minimum of decor, a maximum of harmony and naturalness – this is how you can briefly outline the approach of northern peoples to decorating a house on the eve of Christmas holidays.

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 A couple of stunted Christmas trees, knotty hemp, a little moss from the forest, a childishly naive garland cut from glossy pages, and openwork balls – a New Year’s set, which cannot be simpler, and how immediately it became cozy in this sterile white room

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 The play of textures – a needle-like spruce and a smooth screen of a dark green hue, creates a favorable background for a minimum of silver Christmas tree decorations. The dynamics of the New Year’s composition is growing due to the introduction of decor of various scales: large balls on the floor, medium ones on the branches and, finally, very small ones on the backdrop. Copper-beige drum coloration brings warmth to the interior and echoes the pinkish-flesh tone of a miniature herringbone made of geometric wood modules.

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Nostalgic notes are heard in every detail of this Scandinavian-style Christmas composition. A gnarled tree dropping either autumn leaves or strange milky-coffee-colored snowflakes is the center of the installation, around which its other elements revolve: books, a Christmas tree in a bag, a chair, a cork stool. Despite the slight sadness that shines through in the interior, the dynamics of the production symbolizes the movement forward, developing from left to right and from bottom to top

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 An ugly Christmas tree is not a reason for frustration in the houses of Sweden and Norway: the more non-trivial the tree looks, the better. A dozen extravagant toys, the original design of the tub – the New Year’s interior 2015 in the Scandinavian style is ready

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 The recognizable red pantaloons, a cap and a fur coat, hung outside the house, can become a joking sign that “Santa Claus was here”. In the interior, the same effect is achieved by designating the center of the interior composition with coarse-knit woolen leggings, allegedly belonging to Santa Claus

Traditional New Year’s interior 2015: tandem of red and green

Fashion trends in home decoration on New Year’s Eve do not always find their admirers – in spite of everything, some are closer to the traditional red-green colors, live spruce from the forest, festive garlands and wreaths made of pine needles. If a natural pine tree turned out to be too expensive, the New Year’s decor can always be made from evergreen branches of boxwood, thuja, laurel or mistletoe. Red berries of barberry, viburnum and dogwood, supported by scarlet ribbons, will add bright touches to the New Year’s decoration and fill the interior with a holiday atmosphere.

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Classic or vintage interiors in neutral beige tones, a shabby chic house with rare furnishings – red-green New Year’s decor will come in handy here, emphasizing the sophistication of the environment

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Antique toys from a grandmother’s chest, large red balls with white peas and stripes, wicker baskets and a composition of fragrant cinnamon sticks – a win-win option for decorating the New Year’s interior in 2015 in vintage style

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Having chosen an elegant combination of red, green and silver balls to decorate the 2015 New Year tree, it is advisable to add the same color harmony to the decoration of the festive table. Special, homely warmth will fill your home if you diversify the Christmas decor with homemade balls of yarn and knitted Christmas trees with characteristic northern zigzags

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 The eclectic interior, organically combining family heirlooms and modern furnishings, will become truly New Year’s if its design is complemented by dark gray, transparent green and burgundy wine details: balls, stars and ribbons

Cozy New Year’s decor 2015: “a la village house” style

If you decide to achieve maximum comfort in the New Year’s interior 2015, take a closer look at the country style. A lot of wood and other natural materials, a natural color palette without bright flashes of color, natural textiles in muted shades – all these elements of rustic style are perfectly combined with the festive spirit of the New Year and Christmas..

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Warm shades of natural wood are complemented by New Year’s checkered decor in beige, green and red

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Fruit is a traditional decoration for the Christmas tree – it can be bright red apples or dried lemon rings: both options look original

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Dry branches of a beautiful configuration can serve as the basis for creating a New Year’s decor with your own hands: Christmas trees, baskets, wreath

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Country-style interiors will not tolerate artificial Christmas trees or synthetic materials. An uncouth stump will organically look here as a coffee table, skins and horns of wild animals and, of course, a fragrant spruce from the forest

Stylish New Year's interior 2015 Candles surrounded by spruce branches, moss and bark, ornaments in the form of cones, nuts, dried mushrooms and wild berries – this is the best option for New Year’s decor for a rustic interior

Each of the options we offer for decorating your home for the new 2015 is good in its own way – there are extravagant and neutral, trendy and traditional solutions. When choosing the style and color scheme of the festive decoration, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the existing interior – the color of the walls and floors, the configuration and shade of furniture, the tone of textiles and the shape of the accessories.

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