Roof shingles tests, or is it better to see once


They say: “In a dispute, truth is born.” There are a lot of favorite topics that are constantly discussed, they argue about, giving a lot of arguments, but never reaching the very truth. And she is still somewhere near.

The most popular topics for such disputes are politics, football and renovation. The first two topics are really endless when it comes to renovation and construction – the truth is born with experience. How long does the foundation shrink, what materials it is possible to use, from which it is undesirable to build a house, how to properly erect the roof of your house, avoiding problems in the future, which roofing material is better, which is worse … etc. and so on.
Each debater brings a lot of evidence and is convinced that he knows the best answers to these questions. We decided to put our word in such discussions and conduct testing of roofing materials, the so-called roof tests.

Roof test 1. Waterproof and silent shingles

To demonstrate this quality, a number of experiments were carried out: water is poured on the roof of a test house covered with flexible tiles for several hours in different ways and with varying degrees of pressure. Moreover, to enhance the effect, plain white paper was placed under the shingles of the shingles in order to check its moisture content after the end of the experiment..

Roof-test 2. Fire safety of shingles

One of the most important qualities of any roofing material is its fire resistance. This is especially important for country houses. Moreover, in the light of recent events – prolonged heat and widespread fires that destroyed entire villages, individual cottages and country houses. But the threat of fire is high not only in the summer – New Year’s holidays are rarely complete without colorful fireworks, firecrackers and firecrackers, whose sparks do not always fly in the right direction. We conducted this roof test according to a similar scheme – the roof of the test house was “fired” from rocket launchers, lit sparklers and firecrackers right on the roof, poured liquid for ignition and set fire to a blowtorch, threw off hot coals from the barbecue. That’s what came out of it:


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