10 original ideas for arranging a fireplace in the interior

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It is difficult not to notice the fireplace in the interior – the hearth usually takes the main place in the room, becoming not just the center of the whole room, but also the highlight of the design. We offer you ten ideas that will help you make a fireplace a harmonious part of the interior of different styles and effectively use its functionality..

Fireplace in the interiorYou can watch the game of flame in the fireplace for an infinitely long time, so the hearth becomes the center of the composition of the room, it is to it that the sofa and armchairs are usually deployed in the living room

1. Fireplace in English style

The classic English fireplace has a straight chimney and a massive, immediately striking portal, created of carved wood (always dark), marble or stone.

It is impossible to imagine a fireplace without such a frame in an English-style room. At the same time, over time, such hearths have successfully adapted to modern realities, thanks to which they remain a relevant option for room design today..

An English fireplace must meet two main requirements – adhere to the strictness of lines and restraint in the design of the portal. Stone or marble do not need additional decorations, and the carvings on a wooden portal of an English-style fireplace should not be too pretentious or lush. Another striking feature of such hearths is an elegant open firebox, traditionally made of cast iron..

Do not consider an English-style fireplace a relic of the past. Thanks to its restraint and functionality, such a traditional fireplace has managed to retain its main distinctive features for three centuries and fits perfectly into both classic and modern interiors..

English style fireplace

2. Fireplace in a modern industrial interior

The next option for decorating a fireplace in the interior is suitable for those who prefer a modern industrial style or hi-tech. With their love of concrete, glass and bright shiny metallic details, these design styles have a lot of fans. And who said that a fireplace would be inappropriate in such an interior? The main thing is to choose the right option.!

The Hi-Tech style includes fireplaces made of glass and steel, such fireplaces are usually unusual in shape, often made in the form of a prism or polygon, and often do not resemble a cozy hearth at all.

If we compare a high-tech fireplace with an English hearth, it is easier to find single common features than to list the numerous differences. If an English fireplace symbolizes comfort and respectability, then a “high-tech” hearth is a modern urban pace of life and a striving for innovation in everything, including in interior design.

Hi-Tech fireplace Traforart Gaia CentralThe fire playing behind the tempered glass and the bright pattern on the metal case – such a fireplace will definitely become the center of the modern interior of the room.

Hi-tech fireplaceThe complex shape of the fireplace with many angles and edges is characteristic of the high-tech style.

3. We use the useful space – shelves above and below the fireplace

In a modern interior, a fireplace does not often perform its main function – heating the room. To heat a house, radiators or a warm floor are enough, and the fireplace serves rather as a symbol of home comfort and simply brings the owners the joy of communicating with a living fire.

And yet, the fireplace has the opportunity to become not just a hearth, but a storage place where the most dear to the owners’ hearts are collected. It is the mantelpiece that traditionally serves as the hallmark of the house, and much attention has always been paid to its design. On the shelf above the fireplace, it is appropriate to place a collection of souvenirs from different countries, photographs of loved ones in beautiful frames, special, so-called mantel clocks or just candles and graceful vases with flowers.

The shelf under the fireplace is used in a more utilitarian way – usually it just stores firewood and supplies for caring for the hearth.

Elegant white fireplace with candlesticks and clockElegant candlesticks and antique mantel clocks are the perfect way to highlight the classic style of a room and decorate such a prominent part of the interior as the shelf above the fireplace.

Stone fireplace with solid wood shelfOften, the shelf above the fireplace is ordered and made separately, after the fireplace has been installed, differing noticeably in design and style of decoration. Such a shelf can serve as a stand for a mirror, picture or television panel.

4. Fireplace as part of a slide in the living room

One of the most effective ways to make a fireplace an integral part of your living room is to place it in the center or other part of the slide. Sometimes, surrounded by shelves and drawers, such a fireplace with an unlit fire may not even be immediately discerned.

There are several options for such an interior arrangement – often at first the fireplace itself is installed in the room, which is then simply surrounded by modules of cabinet furniture. You can order a slide, in which there will already be a place not only for the TV panel, but also for a real hearth.

Another way is to make the fireplace the center of the entire furniture group and arrange the same modules symmetrically on the sides of it. Of course, this option is only suitable if the fireplace is really located strictly in the middle of the wall..

Shelves around the fireplace

Fireplace built into furniture

Bookshelf with fireplaceFireplace as an extension of the minimalistic shelf for books and other little things. Not quite a slide, but the idea itself is shown very clearly

5. Fireplace and TV panel – a harmonious neighborhood

According to the postman Pechkin, the main decoration of the table today is the TV. And one cannot but agree with him. Today almost no living room can be imagined without a television panel. And if there is a fireplace in the room, the question arises of how to harmoniously combine these equally important and noticeable elements of the decor.

There are two main options for placing the TV panel and fireplace in the living room:

  1. On opposite walls of the room. In this case, it is advisable to place an armchair and a small coffee table by the fireplace in order to create a seating area near a live fire, and put a sofa in front of the TV. As a result, there will be two separate zones – for watching television programs and contemplating the game of flame in the hearth.
  2. Nearby, on one wall. Usually in a small living room, which cannot be divided into two zones – “fireplace” and “television” – the TV screen is located directly above the fireplace. However, as the designers emphasize, in this case it is difficult to simultaneously watch the play of the flame in the hearth and watch TV. Most likely, an interesting film will win..

Living room with fireplace and TVA good example of the successful combination of two essential items in this living room – a black TV panel and a closed fireplace. By the way, this interior is also suitable as an example of symmetrical placement of shelves on the sides of the center of the entire room – the protruding part of the wall where the fireplace and the TV are located.

Fireplace in the living room interiorIn a lush ceremonial interior, it is appropriate to place a television panel in a specially ordered frame. The color of such a frame should be matched to the shade of the fireplace portal and you will get a single harmonious picture

6. Rustic fireplace

A rustic country style fireplace is always recognizable. Its main distinguishing features are massive dimensions, a solid chimney, an open hearth and a rough finish with stone, whitewashed plaster or brick..

A country-style fireplace is not just a design element, it is a real wood-burning hearth, near which you can warm yourself on a winter evening. You will not find wooden portals with ceremonial carvings in such fireplaces, everything is very simple, but at the same time functional.

Mandatory elements of a rustic fireplace are a woodpile of wood, a stone or wooden shelf with cute little things above the hearth and a massive, well-visible, usually just whitewashed or painted chimney.

Country style fireplaceA real chaos of all sorts of little things can reign on the shelf above the “rustic” fireplace. It is the ability to create coziness in a seemingly artless and simple interior that country differs from much more strict classics

Fireplace in a rustic interiorIn a country-style interior, just such a fireplace will be appropriate – without frills and lush finishes

7. Fireplace completely embedded in the wall

Of course, usually the fireplace is displayed, decorated with a portal and shelves. But if you think about it, the hearth remains its main part, and all the other details are just entourage, without which it is quite possible to do.

It is these fireplaces, completely embedded in the wall of the room, that are increasingly found in modern interiors. Electric false fireplaces are often installed in the wall, but in this way you can “hide” the real hearth along with the chimney.

Remember that planning the installation of a walled fireplace should be at the design stage of interior partitions, and the firebox of such a hearth must be closed..

Fireplace built into the wallIn this case, the hearth of the built-in fireplace was originally highlighted with artificial stone trim. Moreover, the color of the stone is combined with the same motley upholstery of the corner sofa

Fireplace in a decorative wallA fireplace embedded in the wall can be equipped with a double-sided firebox and then you can admire the flame in two rooms at once

8. Fireplace as a border between zones

Traditionally, fireplaces are located against the wall, in the wall or in the corner of the room. And if you install a hearth in the center of the room or use it to allocate a separate corner for rest or work?

In this case, the fireplace will perform another function – dividing the space of a large room. In this case, it is appropriate to install a firebox that opens in two directions in order to admire the flame from any part of the room..

Unlike a wall-mounted fireplace, the space divider is a completely open and immediately visible structure. False fireplaces designed as a bar counter look original, a traditional option for dividing the kitchen and living room.

Fireplace between kitchen and living roomThis fireplace does not have a chimney, so only an electric hearth can be used, which, however, perfectly simulates a real flame. With the function of separating the kitchen and living room, such a fireplace coped just fine.

Fireplace of the Italian company EdilKaminFireplace model “Cube” of Italian production. The firebox is visible from both sides, on the sides there are shelves for books

Double-sided fireplace in the interior

9. Conciseness is not bad

A classic English fireplace, high-tech, country – these are not all the stylistic possibilities of decorating a hearth in the interior. Many homeowners today prefer a laconic option for arranging a fireplace, designed in a style such as minimalism..

Distinctive features of a minimalistic fireplace include:

  1. Neutrality, unobtrusiveness and the desire to become invisible. A fireplace in the style of minimalism usually practically does not stand out against the background of the wall or in the general interior..
  2. Such fireplaces can also be called one of the most economical options, since they do not require the cost of facing with marble, natural stone or the installation of an expensive carved wooden portal..
  3. Usually, hearths in this style are simply plastered and painted in the color of the wall..

We can say that a minimalist fireplace is just a flame and nothing more. The main disadvantage of this design option is the fact that the hearth does not always burn, losing its only decoration.

Fireplace in a minimalistic interiorWhite fireplace against a white wall – no additional decoration, only a wooden shelf for small items

Corner gas fireplaceThe play of fire on the logs was the only decoration of this corner fireplace

10. We pay tribute to tradition – tiles for fireplace decoration

Probably the brightest and most “elegant” option for decorating a fireplace is decoration with tiles, special ceramic tiles covered with colored enamel and glaze. Tiles are always associated with primordial Russian traditions; it is customary to cover fireplaces with a massive chimney and a protruding firebox, similar to traditional Russian stoves..

The tiles retain heat well, so that such a fireplace can successfully fulfill its original function – to warm the room. In addition, such ceramic tiles are unusually beautiful in themselves, and the options for colors and patterns are limited only by the imagination of the master and the financial capabilities of the owner..

Designers claim that a fireplace with tiles is a completely independent design element and is able to bring coziness and features of the Russian style into any interior. However, this unusual design of the hearth is best combined with ethnic style..

Facing the fireplace with tilesTiles are rightfully considered the brightest and most noticeable option for decorating a fireplace. Moreover, not only the hearth itself, but also the chimney is usually laid out with such glazed tiles.

There are many options for arranging a fireplace in the interior. In this article, we have presented only the most basic and easily recognizable home decoration styles. Which one to choose is up to the owners themselves, based on the initial design of the room’s interior design, financial capabilities and their own preferences.

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