Construction and repair in a private house: how not to spoil relations with neighbors

Residents of private houses do not have neighbors as close as in the case of an apartment in a high-rise building. But when construction, reconstruction or large-scale renovation begins in the neighborhood, the houses are closer than we would like! Our tips site has collected tips regarding renovation work in a private house and relations with neighbors.

Construction and repair in a private house

The portal has already written in detail about how you can warn your neighbors about the upcoming renovation. Let us remind once again that there are no legislative norms regarding the obligation to warn neighbors about their plans, for example, to repair the facade of a house or build a barn on the site. However, we are sure that maintaining good neighborly relations is very important! Therefore, we strongly advise you to heed our advice based on the opinion of experts and the experience of those who have successfully survived the repair and construction in a private house..

Building a barn

First advice:warn nearest neighbors that you are planning construction or major renovations. In this case, you will not hang up an advertisement in the entrance. Advanced homeowners often write messages in instant messengers, send letters by e-mail. Or you can just go around the nearest houses in the old fashioned way, telling that from the 1st day work will begin on your site. Try to answer all the questions that your neighbors may have, specify when you plan to finish repairs, reconstruction or construction. Apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused..

Private house reconstruction

Second tip:observe the silence mode. Do not do noisy work in the evenings, and if there is a small child in the next house, take a break during his daytime sleep. Regarding the weekend, the question is controversial, because it is on these days that you have the most time to do repairs. Be sure to discuss this issue with your neighbors.

Home repairs

Third tip:if you plan to deliver a large amount of building materials, problems may arise on your street. A truck carrying materials on a narrow street can completely block traffic for several hours. Agree on delivery and unloading with neighbors, choose the time when there is least traffic. In addition, if special construction equipment is involved, it is necessary to organize its entrance in such a way as not to damage neighboring fences, front gardens and flower beds, and not to block the street for a long time. If you have a construction team, consider where they will park their car so as not to interfere with neighbors or occupy their driveways. In general, the issue of transport requires special attention..

Delivery of building materials to the site

Fourth advice:in no case violate the boundaries of your site. Even if the construction of the summer kitchen is not far from the fence, it is necessary to observe the boundary, try to prevent debris and building materials from entering the neighboring site. We wrote in detail about what standards are established in the field of the location of residential and utility buildings on the plots. Strictly adhere to them, do not break the law, so that the neighbors do not have complaints.

Example: you need to dismantle the old slate from the roof, and one of the slopes is located almost above the neighbor’s fence. You can agree that one day you will have to bother your neighbors and use their yard to carefully remove the roofing. In this case, of course, you will remove all the garbage and not damage the fence.!

Dismantling slate

Fifth tip:store construction waste so that it does not interfere with your neighbors and take it out as soon as possible after the dismantling is completed, clean up the driveway. It is to the chaos that has formed on the street that neighbors can react especially sharply at their fence..

Example: workers threw out garbage after their lunch near the border of the neighboring site, bags and napkins were scattered around neighbors due to the wind. The owners did not react to the comments, which caused the scandal.

Example: During the landscaping work on the border of the plots, the roots of neighboring trees were damaged, the apple and apricot tree disappeared. Again the reason for disputes and claims.

Construction waste on the site

Sixth tip:after the completion of repairs, construction, reconstruction, celebrate this event with your neighbors! Improve your relationship, arrange a holiday, and thank them for their patience.

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