Photo selection of cottages in different architectural styles

Choosing an architecture style for your private home? Even if not, we are sure that you will definitely be interested to know in what style you can build your beautiful and cozy home. Our tips site will give you examples of cottages in a wide variety of architectural styles that are popular in various countries.

Classicism style cottage

Let’s start with the timeless classics. Columns, stucco molding, strict edging of windows, a symmetrical facade, two floors – these are the main features of such mansions. Nice, but not as popular as it used to be.

Art Nouveau cottage

Modern. Here, on the contrary, there is no symmetry, curved lines dominate, even the wrought-iron fence of the balcony and trellises are distinguished by floral elements and smooth transitions. In general, modernity allows you to show imagination and make the house very original..

English style cottage

Two floors, steep roof, red brick – about the features of cottages in the English style. Our website wrote in detail.

High-tech house

High tech. Such cottages are chosen by creative people, adherents of all the most modern and technological. Strict straight lines, a laconic facade, a minimum of wood, more concrete, glass and metal – hi-tech in action.

Half-timbered house

Fachwerk. Historical European style that is still quite popular. Although, as we can see in the photo, in a simplified modern interpretation.

Chalet house

Chalet. Now this is not only built in the Alps, the chalet style has attracted many homeowners. By the way, this is probably the most striking example of a combined house, where the first floor is brick or stone, and the second is wood..

Finnish house

Finnish house. Of course, wooden, sheathed with clapboard or planken. Warm, with an extensive terrace, a maximum of two floors, more often one and a half, with a residential attic and a gable roof.

Mediterranean style cottage

Mediterranean. Light, solid, but at the same time open to the surrounding space. Note that there are two areas of architecture of Mediterranean cottages – classical European and Arab, which took individual details from the East, more artsy and exotic.

Barn-type house

Barn house or barn houses. A very interesting modern direction, despite its rather long history. We are sure that this style will gain popularity in the light of the desire for naturalness and environmental friendliness of houses.

Ranch house

Ranch. A solid one-story house made from simple materials available. Many designers believe that ranch, along with country, belongs to a very broad category of farm houses, which in each country of the world have their own characteristics. The main thing that unites them is the absence of a claim for something luxurious and exclusive, in the first place – practicality and convenience.

Colonial house style

Colonial style. A mixture of strict European classics with local exoticism. Such houses are very popular in the United States, and are often found in European countries. By the way, experts call the bungalow a lighter, simpler version of colonial-style houses..

Brick house

Wooden log house

Can’t attribute your home to any of the above styles? Don’t be upset! You are far from an exception. A simple modern home can be anything. This is a democratic, budgetary and affordable construction that is found everywhere in our country..

Finally: they did not specifically touch upon such architectural styles as Baroque and Gothic. According to designers, now such private houses are practically not built, impractical, outdated. And we have already written in detail about the popular American styles of private houses – Cape Cod and Kraftsman.

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