How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

If you decide to buy an old log house in order to disassemble it, transport it to your site and start building from used timber, you will need a specialist. It is very important to determine the quality of the logs, to find out if they are infected with a fungus, whether they can serve for many more years in a new place. The question is, is it advisable to buy this old log house or is it easier to purchase new logs? Only a person who is well versed in the quality of wood, an expert in his field can answer it..

Before any dismantling of the old log house for the purpose of its re-construction, it is necessary to stock up on a detailed building plan so that the assembly at the new location is successful. It is good if there are ready-made plans, documentation for the house, indicating all sizes and layouts. Otherwise, you will have to deal with drawing up a plan. It will not be superfluous to take many photographs of the house from various angles, including already in the process of dismantling. This will help to accurately follow the building layout during assembly..

How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

Usually the length of one log does not exceed six meters, it can be lifted by two people, so dismantling is carried out manually so that the tree does not suffer. The process includes the following steps:

  1. First, all external and internal wall decoration is removed;
  2. The platbands are removed, the double-glazed windows are removed, the entrance and interior doors are removed, the cage;
  3. Engineering communications are being dismantled;
  4. The floor covering is removed;
  5. The roof, rafter system is removed;
  6. Internal partitions are dismantled, and then external walls;
  7. Last of all, stone elements are to be dismantled – a fireplace or stove, if they are in the house.

How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

Important! Before transporting a disassembled log house, you should take care of the presence of a foundation in a new place, because it must be stable. The size of the foundation must match the size of the old house.

All the details of the log house need to be numbered in order to clearly know in what sequence to reassemble it. Numbers are applied to all details: logs, rafters, partitions, windows.

Be sure to save the removed pins and metal fasteners, they will be useful to you during assembly if they are in good condition.

How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

Important! Even if the frame to be dismantled is relatively new, be prepared for the fact that some parts will still have to be purchased. For example, the lower rims could become unusable, one of the rafters turns out to be too rotten. All these elements need to be updated.

On average, neat dismantling of a log house takes 5 to 10 days, depending on the number of participants in the process and the size of the house. All details of one house up to 70 m2 it is quite possible to transport on two wagons.

Assembly at a new location can be completed even in two weeks, but most often it takes about a month, taking into account the communications.

How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

There are three advantages to rebuilding a dismantled log house:

  • This wood has already undergone shrinkage, so after a new assembly, you can immediately do finishing work, put frames and doors;
  • If the house has stood for several decades and the wood is well preserved – this is a quality guarantee, we can confidently say that the newly assembled log house will serve for sure for a couple of decades;
  • Cost savings, because used building materials are at least 30% cheaper than new ones. And the log house, put up for dismantling, can be bought at a bargain price. And you don’t need to pay for the project.

Important! During re-construction, wood must be treated with an antiseptic and fire retardant, even if the house was previously without such treatment for many years.

How to dismantle a log house for assembly in a new place

We state: the practice of buying a log house for its secondary construction in some cases justifies itself, it turns out to be faster and cheaper than building “from scratch”.

The main disadvantages: possible damage to individual parts, which necessitates their replacement, as well as difficulties with expanding and changing the layout of the house. Alternatively, from the dismantled log house, you can assemble a cozy bathhouse on your site, significantly saving on building materials.

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