How to choose a mixer

How to choose a mixer

Modern mixers in quality and design options are more like a masterpiece that has emerged as a result of the merger of practical experience, current scientific research and innovative design solutions.

The only difficulty is that it can be difficult for an inexperienced buyer to understand the variety of purposes, designs and styles of models. Today the plumbing market offers buyers three main types of faucets: “herringbone”, single-lever (joystick) and wall-mounted.

It should be noted that bathroom and kitchen faucets differ in purpose, which means that the requirements for their designs can be very different..

A kitchen faucet must match the kitchen sink, not only in style but also in size: the spout must be able to rotate and reach the middle of the bowl. A kitchen faucet should fit comfortably on the sink and be compact. Experts recommend installing a traditional “herringbone” or a single-lever mixer in the kitchen; their installation is not difficult and will not require additional tangible costs.

The single-lever mixer is reliable and easy to adjust. The change in temperature and water pressure depends on the alignment of two spherical surfaces with holes in the desired position. The water supply is turned on and off with one swivel movement of the tap.

Nevertheless, traditional, already classic, two-valve mixers are equally popular..

Kitchen faucet

A two-valve mixer, commonly called a herringbone, is just as easy to assemble as a single-lever mixer. It consists of two combined crane-axle boxes and a spout between them, it is also called “gander”. Allows you more accurately than a joystick mixer to set the temperature and pressure of the jet.

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In the bathroom, depending on its design and, in particular, the design of the bathtub itself, all three types of mixers find full use. And yet, in recent years, one of the most preferred options for buyers is the built-in wall mixer. It is installed in the event that the bathroom design does not provide for open communications, although the installation of such a mixer is usually difficult and expensive. This mixer is rigidly, hidden fastening mounted to the water pipes, all communications are hidden, only the decorative switching panel remains outside. The temperature and water pressure can be adjusted with a lever and a two-valve mixer. A massive design with a short and powerful (wide diameter) spout is preferred. Such a mixer model will allow you to quickly collect a whole bath of water and will not interfere.

Bathroom faucet

Depending on the design of the bath, you can install the mixer directly on the side of the bath. Sometimes the traditional combination of a mixer for a sink and a bathroom, in this case, the spout should be long enough so that in both places it is convenient to use the tap.

Both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, thermostatic faucets will make your life more comfortable and safe. They allow you to automatically regulate, and when you turn it on, leave the temperature and power of the jet unchanged. In addition, the thermostats quickly respond to changes in pressure in pipes and temperature drops and, by changing the balance of hot and cold water, keep the parameters you have set..

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Mixer selection

When choosing the right mixer, it will not be superfluous to remember some common tips. Before making a choice, carefully study the mixer models on the market, take your time, ask your friends and relatives what designs they like and why. Remember that haste when choosing a product is only for the seller. Also, do not forget that a good product cannot be cheap. The fact that the mixer is manufactured, for example, in Italy or Germany does not guarantee its high quality. At the same time, a Bulgarian mixer tap can surprise you with an affordable price and excellent workmanship..

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