Reflective pools: photo selection

The most important thing when arranging a reflective pool is that its shape and size allow you to fully display, copy the object you need in the best possible angle. And also – choose an object that you want to repeat, reflect in the water surface, enhancing the effect of the presence of the most beautiful detail of the site.

The image that will be reflected in the pool can be anything – from one beautiful tree growing nearby, to the entire facade of the house or a gorgeous sunset.

In general, a pool can simply reflect the sky with clouds floating on it – this is also incredibly beautiful. To enhance the reflective effect, the bottom and walls of the pool are tiled with dark tiles or mosaics – blue or black.

An art object can be specially placed near the surface of the pool, even if it is not a sculpture, but an ordinary cane mushroom umbrella. It is important that his image is reflected in the water..

Remember that the view of the reflection in the pool will change depending on the vantage point. Therefore, it is important that the most beautiful view of the reflection in the water opens exactly from the place where you will most often sunbathe and relax..

The most incredible reflections are shown by infinity pools, which do not have pronounced sides on one side and therefore seem endless. To create this effect of endless space, it is very important to choose the right place, slope, high terrace with a view or the top floor. But how beautiful it turns out!

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