Electric testers

Price: $ 6.5

Small-sized household multifunctional indicator device “pencil” type

PURPOSE: contact and non-contact detection of alternating voltage; determination of the phase of the alternating voltage; determination of DC voltage polarity; ringing the continuity of the chain; checking diodes, transistors and capacitors.


LIMITS OF MEASUREMENT: AC voltage by contact method – 70-250 V, by contactless method – 70-10000 V; DC voltage – up to 250 V; polarity – 1.2-36 V.
FEATURES: metal plate for contact with the human body.
POWER SUPPLY: 2 x 1.5 V cells.
DIMENSIONS: 140x18x15 mm, gray plastic case.


OPERATION: “pencil” type device with a clip for carrying in a pocket. It is convenient to use such a device when you are not interested in the numerical value of a particular parameter. For example, when they are repairing the wiring in the house and need to find out if there is voltage.

The device does not have any wires – only the tip of a screwdriver touching the test point and a sensitivity switch. The switch has three positions: “O” – contact method; “L” and “H” – non-contact method (respectively with low and high sensitivity). Two LEDs serve as indicators: red for the contactless method, green for the contact method. And the buzzer works together with the green indicator. When the sensitivity switch is on “O”, the presence of an alternating voltage is determined by the contact method, a phase conductor is detected or an electrical circuit is ringing. If necessary, you can check the p-n-junctions of semiconductor devices, which, as you know, pass current only in one direction.

For non-contact measurement, set the sensitivity switch to the “L” position. If the sensitivity is insufficient, it can be increased by moving the lever to the “H” position. However, in the range of high sensitivity, the device beeps almost constantly, and sometimes it is completely unclear what it reacts to. In the “L” range, the indicator behaves normally, but only if you keep your finger on the metal plate.

The device allows you to see the wiring hidden in the walls when it does not lie deeper than a few centimeters. This ability will be invaluable when repairing electrical wiring and when drilling walls. Having determined in advance where the wires run, you will ensure complete safety of such work.

SUMMARY: MS-48NS is recommended to be used for small and simple repair work, when it is not required to determine the numerical value of voltage or resistance, but it is enough just to make sure that they are present or not..

Mastech M-830B / -832 / -833 / -838
Price: $ 8/10/10/12

Household digital multimeters (China, Hong Kong)

PURPOSE: measurement of AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance, temperature (M-838), gain of transistors (except for M-833); checking diodes and ringing the circuit (except for M-830B).


MEASURED VALUES (max.): DC voltage – 1000 V; AC voltage – 750 V; direct current – 10 A; resistance – 2 MΩ; temperatures – from -20 to +1370 degrees Celsius.
FEATURES: 3 1/2 digit display; display digits height – 12.7 mm; manual selection of measurement limits; built-in 50 Hz square wave generator (M-832) or 1000 Hz sine wave (M-833); automatic indication of polarity, over-range and “dead” batteries.
POWER SUPPLY: 9 V battery.
DIMENSIONS: 125x65x28 mm, black plastic case. Weight: 180g.


OPERATION: devices have good accuracy, which “lame” only when testing an alternating voltage of 220 V (in this case, the error reaches +/- 13 V).

A sound probe is very useful. When you are repairing an iron or electrical circuits in a car, you are not interested in the resistance value – it is important to know whether the wire is intact or not. The buzzer sounds when the resistance is less than 1 kΩ.

The M-838 model is equipped with a thermocouple that allows you to measure temperature with high accuracy, sometimes it is really convenient. But you hardly need an alternating signal generator.

SUMMARY: the devices are certified by the State Standard of Russia, they are considered conditionally household, however, they can be successfully used in laboratories and workshops.

Sunwa YX-360 TRN
Price: $ 11.3

Household / professional pointer multimeter (China)

PURPOSE: measurement of direct and alternating voltage, direct current, resistance; testing transistors and diodes.


MEASURED VALUES (max.): DC and AC voltages – 1000 V; direct current – 250 mA; resistance – 20 MOhm.
FEATURES: manual selection of measurement limits; zero adjustment screw; zero button for resistance measurement.
POWER SUPPLY: 1 battery 9 V and 2 cells 1.5 V.
DIMENSIONS: 150x100x36 mm, black plastic case. Weight: 250g.


OPERATION: If you are doing something using semiconductor devices, then this multimeter may be useful. It allows you to measure the leakage current and the gain of transistors. In addition, when testing diodes, you can measure the magnitude of both forward and reverse current, as well as the voltage drop across the diode..

The range switch and terminals for connecting the probes are located on the front panel. In terms of its dimensions, the multimeter is larger than many digital instruments, but for dial gauges this can be considered an advantage: on an extended scale of 80 mm in length, the readings of the instrument are better visible, and the measurement accuracy is higher.

In addition to the usual “+” and “-” terminals, the device has one more, in series with which a capacitor is connected. It allows you to “cut off” the DC component when measuring AC voltage.

SUMMARY: A fairly cheap model, which nevertheless takes almost all measurements usually taken at home or in the workplace.

Sunwa YX1000A
Price: $ 5.2

Small-sized household pointer multimeter (China)

PURPOSE: measurement of AC and DC voltage, DC current and resistance.


MEASURED VALUES (max.): DC and AC voltages – 1000 V; direct current strength – 250 mA; resistance – 1 kOhm; measurement error +/- 5%.
POWER SUPPLY: 1 AA cell with voltage of 1.5 V.
DIMENSIONS: 90x60x32 mm, black plastic case. Weight: 95g.


OPERATION: the dial gauge is small, but allows you to select one of several scales in each mode. In this case, the measuring ranges are switched manually. For example, when measuring AC and DC voltages, these are 10, 50, 250 and 100 V. DC current is measured on the scales of 0.5, 50 and 250 mA. When measuring resistance, you can choose one of the scales of 10, 100 or 1000 ohms. In addition, there is a potentiometer for zero correction.

The dimensions of the device are such that it fits perfectly in a pocket. Its accuracy is quite sufficient for almost all household measurements. Of course, in resistance measurement mode, you can check the continuity of the circuit, as well as test semiconductors.

SUMMARY: A simple and cheap instrument for any measurements a DIYer typically encounters.

T-YAN 3211D
Price: $ 31

Small-sized household pencil-type digital multimeter (Taiwan)

PURPOSE: measurement of direct and alternating current and voltage, resistance and capacitance; testing diodes and logic microcircuits; continuity check.


MEASURED VALUES (max.): AC and DC voltages – 500 V; DC and AC current – 200 mA; resistance – 20 MOhm.
FEATURES: 3 1/2 digit display; display size – 18×43 mm; the height of the digits on the display is 15 mm; mode of saving data on the display; maximum reading value – 1999; automatic or manual selection of measurement ranges; overload protection for all ranges; battery discharge indicator; sound signal; bright yellow plastic housing.
POWER SUPPLY: two 9 V batteries.
SIZES: 185x31x24 mm. Weight: 80 g.


OPERATION: The multimeter has normal measurement accuracy in all modes. The measuring range is switched manually (with a button) or automatically, but you must always remember that you cannot measure voltage exceeding 500 V and current above 200 mA.

An interesting test mode for logic microcircuits. It is useful for those who like to tinker with computers and logic circuits. Red and green LEDs help to detect logic “0” or “1”.

In general, the device is easy to use, and it is used at home, in production and in educational institutions. You can take measurements in hard-to-reach places, where you cannot get through with other, more bulky instruments.

The multimeter is equipped with a set of probes, so it is not at all necessary to use the tip of the device – the measurement can be carried out by connecting the probes to two points of the circuit.
Sometimes it happens that you have measured something, but the position of the multimeter is inconvenient and you cannot read the number on the display. In such a situation, the button for saving data on the display will help. Press it and record the data, and you can read the measured value later in a more convenient environment.

When ringing the circuit for continuity, it is very useful to hear the sound signal that you hear if the resistance on the circuit section is less than 1 kOhm. A warning signal also sounds when switching measurement modes and over range.

SUMMARY: the device is well suited for measuring various electrical quantities on real objects, when the conditions for measurements are far from ideal.

UNI-T T21 / UT22
Price: $ 13/14

Hinged Pocket Household Digital Multimeters (China)

PURPOSE: measurement of direct and alternating voltage, direct current, resistance, gain of transistors; diode and continuity test (UT22).


MEASURED VALUES (max.): AC and DC voltages – 400 V; direct current – 200 mA; resistance – 2 MΩ.
FEATURES: 3 1/2 digit display; display size – 13×35 mm; maximum reading value – 1999; manual selection of measurement limits; automatic indication of polarity, decimal places, over-range and “dead” battery.
POWER SUPPLY: 9 V battery.
DIMENSIONS: 139x75x26 mm, black, gray or yellow plastic case. Weight: 160g.


OPERATION: the probes are connected to the device “tightly” – they do not need to be connected to another terminal, if, for example, it is required to switch from measuring resistance to measuring voltage. It is enough to select the measured value with one lever, and switch the multimeter to the appropriate range with the other. Moreover, if in the resistance measurement mode you apply 230 V DC or AC to the device, then nothing terrible will happen immediately: there will be 10 seconds to correct the mistake.

The multimeter is convenient to use not only on the table, but also in the “field” conditions, carrying out any electrical work around the house. It fits easily in a small pocket as it is slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes.

The liquid crystal display of digital devices requires a particularly careful attitude towards itself, as it is easily damaged. With the UT21 and UT22 you will never think about it: the display, all controls, and probes are all under a cover that reliably protects them from unwanted influences. The lid opens when you press a button on the device body. When you close the cover, the multimeter turns off automatically, which allows you not to remember about the economical use of the battery.

The UT22 model has another nice feature – an audible signal. It turns on in continuity ringing mode when the resistance is less than 40 ohms.

The measurement accuracy of all parameters is typical for digital multimeters, only when testing AC voltage it is slightly lower. So, it measures the mains voltage of 220 V with an accuracy of +/- 13 V.

SUMMARY: Convenient pocket model with a cover that protects against accidental damage. Has all the functions that are required in everyday practical work.

UNI-T UT2006 / UT2007
Price: $ 43/45

Professional digital multimeters (China)

PURPOSE: measurement of AC and DC current and voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency (UT2006), temperature (UT2007), transistor gain; diode and circuit continuity check.


MEASURED VALUES (max.): DC voltage – 1000 V; AC voltage – 750 V; direct and alternating current – 10 A; resistance – 200 megohms; capacities – 20 μF; frequencies – 20 kHz (UT2006); temperatures from -40 to +1000 degrees Celsius (UT2007).
FEATURES: 3 1/2 digit display; maximum reading value – 1999; manual selection of measurement limits; automatic indication of polarity, decimal places, over-range and “dead” battery; beep when incorrect operation or over range.
POWER SUPPLY: 1 9 V battery; auto power off.
SIZES: 185x89x32 mm, dark blue or gray plastic case. Weight: 330g.


OPERATION: UT2006 and UT2007 are universal multimeters. In addition to measuring current, voltage and resistance values, the models also allow you to obtain the parameters of capacitors, transistors and diodes.

Two test leads are connected to the corresponding terminals, and the measuring range is selected by the switch located in the center of the device, and the actual value of the measured parameter appears on the display. If the probe is incorrectly connected, or the selected range is exceeded, the multimeter will give a signal, but you need to be very careful, because if the connection is incorrect, the device may “burn out”.

The display measuring 33×63 mm with large and clear numbers can be raised to an almost vertical position, which is important for liquid crystal displays, since at some angles of view they are completely “unreadable”.

The device independently takes care of extending the life of the battery: if you do not use the multimeter for more than 15 minutes, it automatically turns off. If the battery is “weak”, a special symbol will appear on the display.
But when the circuit rings, there is absolutely no need to look at the display: if the resistance between the measured points is less than 30 ohms, the buzzer will inform you about this.
The UT2007 has a very useful temperature measurement feature in the household. The set of the device includes a temperature probe, for connection of which there are special sockets on the panel. Moreover, the accuracy, for example at 200 degrees, is +/- 5 degrees. If the temperature probe is not connected, the device measures the room temperature with an accuracy of +/- 3 degrees.

SUMMARY: professional multifunctional device. The design of the multimeter is well thought out and very convenient to use.

Price: $ 33

Electrical household / professional pointer combined device (Ukraine)

PURPOSE: measurement of direct and alternating current and voltage, resistance, capacitance; diode and circuit continuity check.


MEASURED VALUES (max.): DC and AC voltages – 600 V; AC and DC forces – 1.5 A; resistance – 10 megohms; capacitance – 500 nF.
FEATURES: manual selection of measurement limits; measurement error of all quantities does not exceed 1.5-2.5%.
POWER SUPPLY: 1 x 4.5 V battery.
DIMENSIONS: 115x215x90 mm, white plastic case. Weight: 1kg.


OPERATION: this is a device from our past. One weight is worth it. Of course, it is inconvenient to carry it with you, although it is housed in a case with a handle. For stationary measurements, the tester is quite suitable.

Two remarks: firstly, the device can only withstand short-term overloads, and secondly, when taking measurements, the tester must be in a horizontal position.
To switch the measured parameters, use buttons, and the measurement range is selected with a switch. If the order of the measured value is not known, start the measurement by setting the highest value.

SUMMARY: in terms of price / quality ratio, the device is difficult to compete with cheap, lightweight, portable foreign multimeters, which flooded our market.

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