Metal clamps: types, types, scope

Metal clamps are one of the most common types of fasteners, hardware, which are actively used in the installation of water supply, sewerage, and heating systems. Our tips site will tell you what metal clamps are and for what purpose, where they can be used.

Metal pipe clamps

The portal briefly mentioned metal pipe clamps in articles on how to remove a water meter for verification, to repair a bathroom with your own hands and to combat noise in a sewer riser. However, this type of fastening deserves a more serious study, because it is widely used in the field of installation and repair of a variety of pipes..

Metal clamps allow you to perform the following tasks:

  • Fix pipes of different diameters on walls and load-bearing beams.
  • Eliminate leaks that have formed in the pipe walls.
  • Seal joints and fittings.
  • Fasten reinforced and rubber hoses to the fitting.
  • Secure plumbing crimps and sleeves.
  • Mechanically fasten individual parts.
  • And also to remove fistulas that can form in pipes due to stray currents.

Repair pipe clamps

In Russia, the Soviet GOST 24137-80 “Pipeline fastening details. Clamps “. All metal clamps must meet his requirements. In particular, GOST regulates the length and diameter of the thread, the limiting diameters of pipes for clamps, the manufacturing accuracy and weight of products, as well as other points.

Important! Usually standard metal clamps meet all quality requirements and do not cause complaints from professionals and DIYers. But asking the seller for a certificate of conformity to GOST products would be a reasonable precaution..

All metal pipe clamps are divided into two types:

  1. Fasteners. Actually, they help to carry out the correct and reliable installation of water supply, sewerage, and heating systems. There are assembly – they are mounted on the wall, they fix the risers, and crimp – they are attached to the pipes themselves, connecting parts, in particular, hoses on the nozzles.
  2. Repair. Used where there is a problem – to eliminate a leak. Repair clamps always have an important difference – a rubber seal, because the metal itself does not have such flexibility and cannot really tightly attach to the pipe, completely blocking the leak.

Pipe Clamp

Important! Mounting metal clamps always have a shank that allows you to attach hardware to the wall so that it reliably holds the pipe in the desired position. Accordingly, no shank is required for crimp and repair clamps..

Mounting pipe clamp with stud

According to the shape of their component parts, all metal clamps are:

  • With a clip. They are used for the installation of plastic pipes, they are not designed for heavy loads, but they are very simple and convenient during the installation process. Wedge or snap lock can be used for connection.
  • U-shaped. This is a bracket with a bar that is pulled together by two nuts. Such a clamp is designed for high loads, it is used for repairing a pipe (with a rubber seal), and for fixing.
  • One-sided split ring. This is a bracket that is connected with one or more bolts, depending on the diameter. A very simple clamp, you can do it yourself for a pipe of a specific diameter.
  • Semirings are double-sided. This is already a clamp of several segments, you can adjust the diameter, but still the gaps between the segments should not be too large.
  • Clamp with fixing pin. Helps to fix pipes to walls, has a shank and two half rings.

Saddle for pipe repair and U-clamp

Tape pipe clamp

For pipe fixing

By the type of fastening mechanism, metal clamps are:

  • Worm, tape, screed. A simple and convenient option, you can adjust the strength and diameter. This is a metal strip with protrusions.

Worm-type clamps

  • Spring loaded. Strong fastening, but can only be tightened with pliers. But then nothing needs to be tightened.

Spring clamps

  • Spiral, wire. Suitable for reinforced and corrugated sleeves.

Spiral clamp

  • With power clamp. This is a nut with a bolt that tightens the clamp..

Reinforced metal clamp

  • Reinforced. The most durable and reliable. But they weigh a lot, inflexible, thick.
  • Trumpet. Fastened to the pipes themselves, consist of two or more rings, which are fastened to each other with screws.

Pipe clamp

Each type of clamp has its own diameter limit values:

  • Spiral – 38 to 500 millimeters.
  • Screw – from 18 to 76 mm.
  • Worm gear – from 8 to 160 millimeters.
  • Spring loaded – from 13 to 80 millimeters.

At the same time, it is most convenient to adjust the diameter of the clamp attachment with a worm gear, the principle of operation of which is a bit like a trouser belt.

Experts always advise, not only when repairing leaks, to use metal clamps complete with rubber gaskets. So the mount will definitely not damage the pipe, it will be reliable and silent. In addition, the rubber gasket ensures the safety of the hot water pipes, which expand when heated..

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