Oak windows. What is the reason for the popularity

Used as a building material for a home, oak has long been considered a sign of wealth and status for homeowners. And nowadays, oak windows made according to the latest production technologies are at the peak of their popularity..

Oak windows. What is the reason for the popularity

Windows with oak profile are a noble, rich and beautiful decoration of the facade of any building. At the same time, they are ideally combined with wooden furniture and other elements of the interior of even the most elite house, unobtrusively indicating the excellent sense of taste and wealth of their owner..

The main thing about the advantages of oak window products

Among the many advantages of oak window products, there are several of the most significant:

  • First, strength. Even the smallest children know from fairy tales and legends about the incredible strength of this tree species. For an adult reality, it is worth noting that oak windows are highly resistant to impacts, scratches, and other mechanical influences, due to which they stably keep the shape obtained during the production process..
  • Another positive property is resistance in conditions of the highest humidity..
  • With proper installation, oak profile windows are not prone to fogging, which means that such a common problem as the formation of condensation on the walls and ceiling can be avoided.
  • The next significant advantage lies in the durability of wooden oak windows. Since oak wood contains tannins, window products are practically immune to the influence of parasites, they are not susceptible to the appearance of mold and mildew.
  • Convenience in processing, in spite of the great strength of the breed, is a rather important argument, since the pampering of a modern consumer makes manufacturers “perverted” and offer a choice of oak windows of different shapes from the manufacturer: standard, made to the required size; round; arched.
  • A very important advantage of oak windows is their excellent air exchange. As the oak wood has a porous structure, this optimally affects good air circulation. Therefore, in the room where the oak windows were installed, you never smell musty and stale air. Moreover, a very light and pleasant forest aroma will appear in the room, which arises from the essential oils that are originally contained in wood..
  • And last but not least, the feature of oak window products is a very beautiful and noble wood pattern, created, of course, by nature itself.

Oak windows. What is the reason for the popularity

If everything is more or less clear with the advantages of oak window structures, then it is worth getting to know the production technology separately..

Important nuances of production technology

In the process of preparing oak wood for its intended purpose, specific rules must be followed. Unlike wooden windows made of other species, here the front camel is made from a solid array. Further, the material undergoes preliminary treatment with antiseptic preparations, then the stages of drying, grinding, applying primers, varnishes and / or paints follow.

Separately, it should be emphasized that high-quality drying of oak requires certain production conditions and a lot of time. The wood of this species under natural conditions must dry for at least three years, therefore, it is mainly subjected to electric drying with very precise observance of all technological nuances of this process. The final moisture content should be 12%, only then the oak blank will become so strong that it can be used for its intended purpose, in this case it is the manufacture of wooden windows.

Oak windows. What is the reason for the popularity

After treatment with a special impregnation that protects the wood from mold and mildew, and also helps to minimize moisture changes inside the wood material, wooden windows are covered with a primer, creating an excellent adhesion of the oak surface to coloring and varnishing liquids. Almost finished products can be simply varnished to maintain the appearance of the natural and noble beauty of the texture of the oak material. And as an alternative, you can cover it with paint or tint varnish, thereby protecting oak wood from the negative effects of sunlight and from the appearance of parasites or fungi.

Given such a scrupulous approach of the manufacturer to the production of window products, taking into account the multiple advantages of oak windows, it becomes clear why modern homeowners continue to use the service “custom wooden windows” so persistently..

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