Useful tips for choosing and installing a metal door

In our difficult times, iron, steel doors have become not a luxury, but an urgent need, because they are obliged to fulfill their intended purpose – to reliably protect any values ​​of our apartments and houses. But how should you choose iron doors, and what you should pay attention to first of all, namely: the thickness and strength of the iron or steel sheet, the size of the corners and, of course, locks.

Useful tips for choosing and installing a metal door

Locks should be discussed in more detail.

It is on them, for the most part, that the safety of your apartment depends. Long gone are the days when malefactors simply knocked out the castle larva with a sledgehammer and entered the house. Now they try to do everything quietly and carefully: either pick up the keys, or use a portable drill to drill the lock cylinder. There is not much difference – which lock should be installed, either domestic (VAZ locks are very good), or imported. You can pick up such a larva so that it can spin. This characteristic will no longer allow an attacker to drill out the larva. He will just quickly run out of battery power in his compact electric drill….

If your larva cannot rotate around its axis, then it will be useful to put special armor plates, which will also protect the larva from being drilled and knocked out with a sledgehammer.

Useful tips for choosing and installing a metal door

You can also use special cylinder, safe locks, which are more durable and burglary resistant to rough physical impact. Such locks are usually equipped with extra strong crossbars or deviators, which firmly lock the iron door from four ends..

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For maximum safety, experts recommend installing at least two different types of locks. For example, put a lock on top with a long key, and put a lock on the bottom, where locks and keys with so-called “laser” sharpening are used. They are the most reliable and extremely difficult to find. Plus, the locks open softly and quietly.
The next question is door hinges. It is recommended near the hinges, only on the inside of the door, to install the so-called safe clamps: holes in your powerful corners (50-55mm), where the pins from the door itself will enter. This is done in case thieves cut your door hinges..

If they do, then your door will hang. It won’t help them. But before finally hanging the doors themselves on the hinges, experts recommend putting the balls from the bearings (we carefully put one ball on the pin itself from the hinge); your door will be very easy and silent to open and close.

You should also consider where to put the bolt on the door. It should lie loosely on the inner corner of the door. An absolutely necessary thing for an iron door. You will not close the door every time, even if you went to take out the trash? The bolt will greatly help to increase the resource of your locks many times over..

Useful tips for choosing and installing a metal door

Another valuable tip. When you order a door to order (the door openings are different for everyone, and therefore I highly do not recommend buying ready-made doors!), Then in no case agree to those locks offered by the master. Go to the store and buy a new one. Give him for installation both your newest lock and a special assembly key, which will be needed for the final adjustment of such complex but extremely reliable domestic locks. After the masters finally install the door for you, as soon as you enter the larva with YOUR key, the INSTALLATION key will not work. This is for added security..

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The door itself should be ordered with a thickness of 1.5 mm to 3 mm. The most optimal balance of price and quality.

But all this turned out to be a “bare door”, as the experts themselves say. It needs to be properly sheathed and insulated. It is not recommended to insulate and sheathe from the outside. Imagine a bully who sprinkled the wooden door trim from a beaker at night and held up a match …
Therefore, it is recommended to sheathe from the inside. To do this, already in the process of ordering the door, order the craftsmen to drill small holes for screws around the entire perimeter of the door corners. Subsequently, you just have to saw off the required dimensions of wood or any material you like with a hacksaw, and screw it to the corners of the door with screws. I hope it is clear?

Door installation

The best and most complete option would be to install an iron door not on the corners of the 50th size, but on the channel of the 65th size, which needs to grip your one concrete wall. The second end of the channel will have to be planted on the rods using a perforator. It couldn’t be better and stronger. No sighting. This is no longer yesterday, but the day before yesterday!

Door installation

The door itself should be installed like this: with a lock and a handle to the nearest concrete or brick wall. This will prevent burglars from knocking out the lock tongue with a hammer and chisel. They just have nowhere to swing a hammer properly.

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It goes without saying that there should be no gap between the door itself and the corners, or channels! So that even the needle does not get through! Otherwise, make the masters redo everything again. You pay money, and you have the right to do so.!

The only drawback of all these perturbations is that you will NEVER be able to open the door if you lose your keys. Even the masters from the ZhEK cannot help you with anything. You will have to climb into your own apartment through the window and this is the only way to unlock your fancy door.
But it’s worth it, isn’t it?

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