Slate roof

Slate roof it is installed on roofs of a simple configuration, since slate plates are a very fragile roofing material, easily prickly and exfoliating. The basis for a slate roof is a solid or sparse lathing of 2 boards 150 mm wide. At the ridge and eaves, two boards are stacked end-to-end (10 and 1, respectively). An equalizing bar is nailed to the outer board 8.

Tile preparation includes two main operations: drilling holes with a diameter of 4.5 mm and cutting tiles (using a hacksaw).

Slate tiles stacked from right to left with a double overlap and fastened with 3 nails (two nails for each tile). The eaves and ridge rows are laid out of 7 tiles in length, equal to 3/5 of the length of a regular tile. Like a tiled roof, a slate roof has a zigzag pattern due to the fact that each even row starts with a whole tile 4, and each odd one starts with a half 5.

The tiles are nailed tightly enough, but at the same time they should be able to slightly shift with sudden temperature changes. The ridge and the ribs of the roof are upholstered with 11 boards, which are covered with 9 steel sheets, fastened with 3 nails every 200 mm. The chimney collar is made of cement mortar similar to the collar of a tile roof.

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