Redevelopment: five golden rules

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Real business is always accompanied by real estate transactions. If you are not a trader in the market who only pays for a place, but a true businessman, then sooner or later you will face the need to purchase or rent premises and, as a rule, will rebuild it. An illiterate approach to such an issue as redevelopment can disrupt plans for the earliest possible expansion of the enterprise, and lost time and money will put you in a dangerous situation: you will give a head start to competitors, and it is not known whether it will eventually be possible to return everything to square one. Therefore, you just need to know the rules that make the process of living in premises safe..


The beginning of a successful redevelopment is the decision that you need this particular room, in this particular building.
When buying several apartments in order to unite them, you need to find out in which years the house was built. If this is the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century, then the building,
most likely, it has wooden floors on wooden beams (with rare exceptions from the early 30s), which connect the opposite external walls of the house and are relieved from sagging by interroom partitions, also made of wooden boards or logs. Almost everywhere in such houses, the ceilings are rotten and unsteady, and it will not be possible to painlessly destroy the partitions between apartments, which makes your idea of ​​unification practically impracticable. The most successful for a major reconstruction of the house, built in the 30-60s.

Rule 1. Find out the technical condition of the building where the purchased premises are located.

The specialists of MoszhilNiiproekt and other organizations that will carry out survey work will help you to do this..
Survey work is also necessary because it is strictly forbidden to touch the systems on which the life support and strength of the house structures depend: load-bearing supports, walls and beams during redevelopment – sometimes even an experienced specialist cannot determine by eye whether the supporting structure or not. The institute is capable of such expertise..
At the stage of creating a draft redevelopment project or a design project, it is important to take into account that in no case should you: touch the ventilation systems; owners
those apartments where the ventilation ducts have been dismantled must be restored in accordance with the general ventilation scheme of the house, without bringing the matter to court; brick the risers of gas pipes into the wall, according to the standards, access to them must be provided; move the kitchen to the living room, as this is associated with the transfer of communications, which is unacceptable; place a bathroom above the living quarters of neighbors or equip a bathroom in the kitchen in case of joining two apartments; to install door blocks in storey corridors and staircases. Replacing gas stoves, reinstalling them, supplying flexible hoses, is carried out with the knowledge of the Mosgaz management and better by their specialists.
When reconstructing the facade of the building, the consent of MOSKOMARKHITECTURA is required. In the building, which is an architectural monument, it will not be possible to significantly change the facade. In other cases, it is necessary that the appearance of your store (office) is in harmony with the nearby buildings. .
After receiving a technical opinion (TZK) and the development of the project, you can start approving it in state bodies and submitting documents to the Interdepartmental Commission (IAC) of the municipal district. The city MVK is considering controversial issues. Hence the second rule.

Rule 2. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the law “On the procedure for reorganizing premises in residential buildings on the territory of the city of Moscow” No. 37 of September 29, 1999

Where is it said which documents and with whose approvals need to be submitted to the MVK.
You cannot do without visas of territorial bodies of architecture and urban planning (departments of district architects), sanitary and epidemiological supervision, fire supervision, gas technical inspection, balance holder of the housing inspection. Don’t forget to stock up on the appropriate number of copies of the refueling complex and the project.
If the power of the electrical network with which the house is equipped is insufficient, and this is often found in old houses where the network is not designed for the modern number of electrical appliances, then you need to obtain a permit for additional power in the MKS Mosenergo and arrange the connection of a 3-phase network input to your apartment.
The power supply project, which must be agreed in MNIITEP, is usually carried out only by a specialized organization licensed to carry out the relevant work.
In addition, as the dry language of the law says, “the manager of a residential building and the applicant are obliged to notify the persons occupying adjacent premises about the planned activities and, in agreement with them, draw up acts-agreements of the parties, taking into account possible compensation.” In ordinary language, this means that neighbors from all sides must come to the DEZ or homeowners’ association (HOA) and put their signatures in the presence of the bosses. At this stage, it is important not to get into the summer period, because while the “persons occupying adjacent premises” are improving their health on the seashore, you, in nervous anticipation, can earn his disorder. And since time and money are interconnected, then in this issue it is necessary to take into account the financial factor.

Rule 3. Create yourself a reserve of time or funds (better than both) for force majeure, such as a vacation of neighbors, their desire to make repairs for themselves at your expense, intractability of bosses, etc..

And finally, if you have successfully completed the MVK, choose your builders responsibly.
First of all, your contractors must have a license for the type of work that is indicated in the redevelopment project. Professional selection of materials and structures can significantly improve sound insulation, it is also necessary to take into account the selection of tools for work. For example, in typical panel houses it is unacceptable to use a jackhammer and perforator, which will damage the left walls and lintels, and the fall of large pieces of concrete can damage the adjoining area. Therefore, if you are tempted to use foreign labor – cheap and cheerful, remember another saying: the miser pays twice.

Rule 4. Entrust construction work only to professionals licensed for the appropriate type of activity.

In fact, if you are a tough businessman, then you hardly have the opportunity to spend several months walking around the authorities. You can, of course, entrust the matter to subordinates, but – unreliable. A person passing this difficult path for the first time will surely stumble somewhere. You will not like it, and you can lose a good employee in your business..
Perhaps, after reading this article, you decide that you do not have the resources, both tangible and intangible, to register your redevelopment. It is appropriate to remind here that in case of damage caused to premises in the building and property of citizens and legal entities during the reconstruction of premises, carried out in accordance with the permits, the authority that issued the permit bears responsibility, otherwise the law makes you responsible. In addition, retroactive registration of work already performed will be much more expensive. Hence the fifth rule.

Rule 5. If you are not ready to fulfill at least one of the previous rules, then you just need to contact a law firm, which will take care of all the paperwork and find suitable contractors.

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