The most attractive states for Russians in terms of purchasing real estate

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Secondly, the acquisition of real estate in another country is a profitable investment of capital, as it becomes a liquid asset that can be sold in the future at a higher price.

Thirdly, having your own real estate becomes a plus when obtaining citizenship of another country. For example, in France and Austria, having your own commercial or residential real estate significantly speeds up the process of obtaining citizenship of these states..

Fourth, the cost of residential real estate in countries such as Bulgaria or Egypt is significantly lower than the average price for apartments and houses in Moscow and other large cities of Russia.

Fifthly, Russians decide to buy real estate abroad, by the nature of their activity they often visit this or that country, as well as have children, whom they plan to send to study at prestigious universities in the world. For such Russian residents, buying their own apartment in London, Paris or Berlin is a great way to solve the problem of housing while living in a foreign country..

Having decided to purchase real estate abroad, you must immediately decide for what purpose the real estate object will be used.

If this is just a profitable way to invest free funds or make money on the sale of an apartment in the future, then the main priority in choosing the country and region where the purchase will be made are forecasts of experts on trends in the development of the real estate market, as well as comparing the cost of housing in different countries..

If the purchase of an apartment is related to business or education abroad, then the choice of the country depends on where the buyer or his child plans to undergo training, as well as with which country the business of the Russian is connected. In this case, real estate is most often purchased in one of the European capitals..

If housing is purchased for the purpose of living during a summer vacation, then, naturally, more attention is paid to the attractiveness of the region in terms of the availability of attractions and natural beauty, but the price of the property becomes a secondary factor.

There are times when the main reason for buying a home in another country becomes a hobby for this country. In this case, a person may not consider other options at all, preferring to pay a more substantial amount, but become the owner of an apartment, for example, in Paris or Rome, since he dreamed of such a purchase for many years and the opportunity to become a real Parisian outweighs all possible disadvantages of such a decision.

So, from the point of view of geographic location, cost per square meter of real estate, difficulties with paperwork and prospects for successful investments, houses and apartments located in the following countries are becoming the most attractive for Russians:


Sergei Arsenievich Vinogradov. Alupka. Crimea. 1917

Most often, residents of Russia buy real estate on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula – a close location, attractive climate, low cost of residential real estate, speed of paperwork, the ability not only to relax in the best resorts of Crimea, but also to make money by renting out housing – all this makes the Crimean real estate is very attractive for Russians. On average, the cost of one square meter of housing in Crimea is $ 1.2 thousand.


Of course, after the recent popular unrest in this North African country, the attractiveness of buying real estate in this region has significantly decreased, but analysts believe that at the moment it is very profitable to buy housing in Egyptian resorts. Due to the decrease in demand for apartments and houses in the resort cities of Egypt, it is now possible to purchase real estate at a very attractive price, and in the future, after the normalization of the political situation in the country, the cost of housing will again “creep” up. On average, one square meter of an apartment in Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada will cost foreign buyers from 500 to 1 thousand euros.


Anatoly Panagonov. Velikoe Tarnovo. 2006

Another country that attracts Russian real estate buyers with its proximity, affordable housing prices and easy paperwork. On average, the cost of 1 square meter in Bulgaria is 465 euros in such popular resort cities as Burgas or Byala. The price of real estate in Sofia reaches 840 dollars per square meter, which, of course, cannot be compared with Moscow housing prices.


Recently, an increasingly popular choice among Russians looking for a house in an ecologically clean area is buying apartments and houses on the Adriatic coast in resort towns of Montenegro such as Budva. The real estate market of this country is currently one of the most dynamically developing in Europe; on average, the price of apartments and villas on the coast is growing by 30-40% per year. The cost of real estate in Montenegro depends on the distance from the sea and the category of housing and can vary from 1.5 to 5 thousand euros. Buyers of real estate are attracted not only by the opportunity to make money on the resale of a villa or apartment, but also by the opportunity to relax in their own mansion, as well as the high demand for rental housing during the tourist season..


In this country, apartments and apartments on the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, in such resort cities as Antalya, Belek, Marmaris and Bodrum, as well as in Istanbul, look most attractive to Russians. The average cost per square meter ranges from 500 to 2 thousand euros, depending on the location of the property and the class of housing. In Turkey, you can draw up all the necessary documents for the purchase of real estate in just 1 day, the documenting system is quite simple, there is also an opportunity for foreign citizens to purchase an apartment on credit.


French Riviera
Pierre Bonnard. The Cote d’Azur. 1923

This state attracts real estate buyers not only with the amazingly beautiful beaches of the Cote d’Azur, but also with a stable increase in the cost of housing, which makes the acquisition of residential real estate in France a profitable investment project. The average price per square meter of housing on the Cote d’Azur is about 3.5 thousand euros, in Paris, the cost of one square meter can vary from 3 to 10 thousand euros, depending on the location of the apartment or mansion. The most expensive Parisian apartments are located in the so-called “golden triangle” formed by the central streets of the French capital.


In this European country, ski resorts located in the most picturesque places of the Alpine slopes, as well as apartments in Vienna, are in greatest demand among foreign buyers of real estate. In such beautiful, cozy towns as Tyrol and Salzburg, the cost per square meter in a cottage or chalet reaches 13 thousand euros, but you can find more affordable offers – the average price per square meter is 4-5 thousand euros. In Vienna, the cost of apartments varies depending on the area and ranges from 3 to 10 thousand euros per square meter.


Experts call investments in Swiss real estate one of the safest: the richest country in Europe demonstrates an enviable stability of the real estate market, and the franc is one of the most stable world currencies. On average, the cost of one square meter of real estate in Switzerland is from 4 to 10 thousand francs (from 3.4 to 8.7 thousand euros). Houses and apartments in Bern, Lausanne, Davos and the city of Gstaad are in the greatest demand. However, it is worth remembering that foreign citizens who do not have a residence permit cannot buy real estate in the cantons of Switzerland and not all cantons give permission to foreigners to buy a chalet, apartment or cottage..

Great Britain

Great Britain
John Walsom. Oxford Street Coffee

England is famous not only for the highest level of education, which applicants from all over the world come to Oxford and Cambridge, but for the highest prices for apartments that London demonstrates. If the national average cost per square meter reaches 1.3 thousand pounds sterling (about 1.48 thousand euros), then in London the average price of residential property ranges from 2.6 to 4.7 thousand pounds (about 2.9 and 5, 4 thousand euros), depending on the area.

United States of America

Of course, the United States is located farther than other countries attractive for real estate acquisition, but the number of Russians who want to become home owners in California, Florida or New York is constantly growing. The average price for residential real estate in the United States is only 800-1 thousand dollars per square meter. Of course, to a greater extent, such a cost is inherent in houses with an area of ​​200 square meters, located on the outskirts of large cities, or apartments in mid-range condominiums. Luxury real estate on the oceanfront, for example, in Miami, as well as in the prestigious areas of New York, is much more expensive. And although recently the value of real estate in the United States has been declining by an average of 3.8% per month, the number of foreigners who want to buy property in one of the states is growing steadily..

Among other, more “exotic” countries, the purchase of real estate in which experts consider a profitable investment of capital, it is worth noting Uruguay, Panama, the Philippines and Jordan. However, at present, real estate in these countries is not very much in demand by residents of Russia, who still prefer to buy apartments and houses in more closely located states..

Having decided on such a step as buying real estate abroad, it is worthwhile to carefully study all the nuances of the market, assess the difficulties arising in the execution of a transaction in accordance with the requirements of local legislation and determine the most attractive offers. Often, by contacting the services of real estate agencies, you can buy an apartment without even leaving the country, but this method is associated with a significant risk of becoming a victim of fraud and it is better to assess the attractiveness of the purchase directly at the location of the future property.

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