5 tools to fix anything

Anything can break. Do not rush to throw away the worn out, but favorite things. They can be repaired. You just need to stock up on the right tools. Our site of tips decided to figure out which tools of a home master will allow you to repair any thing.

We admit right away that all the tools we have listed in this article are universal and can be used for a wide variety of repair work. Including old, broken things.

1. Renovator.The portal devoted a detailed article with advice from a professional to the choice of this tool. The renovator is able to cut soft metal, sharpen, grind, saw wood. Attachments can be very different, including allowing you to get to hard-to-reach areas. The renovator, for example, will help you cut down a protruding nail without a cap, carefully remove broken tiles in the bathroom to replace them with a new one, remove a dirty tile joint before grouting again, cut a hole of the right size. It can be listed for a long time, for a home workshop a renovator is a very popular tool.


2. Multitool.We wrote about such a bracelet, which is a set of individual tools. However, the multitool does not have to be just a bracelet. Much more often it is something like a pocket knife with additional tools. One such multitool can replace a whole set of tools: screwdrivers, pliers, keys, knife, ruler, file, scissors, pliers. Takes up minimum storage space, easy to take with you wherever you go. The multitool will allow you to assemble and disassemble the computer, and tighten the hinges on the cabinet door.


3. Screwdriver.How without him! Do not screw everything by hand, with a screwdriver! Indispensable in case you need to repair old furniture, for example, twist a table that is loose. And if you put an emery stone on a screwdriver, it will become a grinder.


4. Multimeter.It is already a little more difficult here, but even a non-specialist can still figure it out. If your iron, bread maker, hair dryer or other electrical household appliance suddenly stopped working, a multimeter will help you figure out the cause of the breakdown. Using this tool, you can check the integrity of all circuits of the electrical appliance, find out where the short circuit occurred and what exactly happened to the household appliances.


5. Cold welding.Yes, this is not the same tool as the previous ones. But this is a good option in order to glue different surfaces together, put a patch on a leaky pipe, close up a crack, and also restore the shape of any product, for example, stucco.

Cold welding

According to Fine Living Queen Jolie and Amy Sykes, the heroines of the Queen of Scrap show, if you have a set of the above tools in your house, you won’t have to throw away the broken thing and spend money on a new one. You can easily repair anything with your own hands.

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