How to choose and install grates on windows

Many bars on the windows of residential buildings sometimes resemble prison ones. For the owners of such structures, the main thing is to reliably protect the home from unwanted intrusion through the window. They do not realize that it is possible to secure an apartment not only with reliable, but also with beautiful bars..

The main thing is to get down to business right.

The easiest way is to get the necessary information from neighbors, friends or acquaintances who have recently installed beautiful and reliable window grilles..

But on the other hand, everyday advice is one thing, but talking with a specialist is quite another.
You can communicate with knowledgeable people at a company that has yet to be fished out of the stream of advertising posted in special construction publications.

A trip to the firm is the best way to be sure of the decency of the advertiser. Firms with extensive practical experience have worked out customer service: in addition to a catalog with samples of window grilles and a price list, they, as a rule, offer the customer to visit their exhibition stands and evaluate the quality of welding of individual grille elements on site. Here you can also discuss with a specialist the drawing and the reliability of painting the finished product, choose the profile option for the lattice.

According to the method of fastening, window grilles can be stationary (non-opening), hinged (with one or two opening sashes), sliding (made as a pantograph – a sliding hinged parallelogram) and removable (mounted in an interwindow opening, the frame of the grill is attached to the wall with screw-in bolts ). Here is the right place to consult a specialist.

The most reliable in terms of protective properties are stationary grilles, however, under force majeure (fire, etc.) evacuation through windows with such bars becomes impossible. That is why at least one lattice in an apartment or house should be made hinged with an internal padlock or mortise lock.

A sliding grille can certainly do a good job in an emergency. But it has significant drawbacks: it is made of a strip that is movably riveted crosswise, and this somewhat reduces its rigidity and protective properties; some types of sliding grilles are attached only from the inside of the room.

Having decided on the type of fastening, you need to decide from which profile the lattice will be made: from a bar (a long metal semi-finished product with a round, hexagonal, rectangular, less often trapezoidal, oval or segmental section), a square (a metal semi-finished product with a square cross-section), a strip (a metal semi-finished product with rectangular cross-section) or combined profile.

Bar and square grates are stronger than strip, since for their manufacture a steel profile with a diameter of 12 to 20 mm (for a bar) and a section of 12×12, 14×14, 16×16 mm (for a square) is used. But lattices from the strip are cheaper.

Having decided on the profile, you should choose a pattern. It all depends on the taste and financial capabilities of the customer..

Lattices from a square and a bar look the most aesthetically pleasing. But less artistic specimens are obtained from the strip, although here too much depends on the master and the customer’s imagination.

It should be borne in mind that a strip grid is very difficult to make symmetrical if the pattern consists of repeating elements. Therefore, if you respect accuracy in everything, then it is better to order combined gratings, for example, from a strip or a bar. Then the master will have the opportunity to adjust the drawing to the specified dimensions. True, in this situation, the order will become a little more expensive.

It is possible to assemble a drawing for a lattice according to the customer’s sketch, the master can meet halfway if, for example, the customer likes only a separate fragment of a sample, and he asks to assemble the rest of the composition from other parts. The price for such work will also increase.

Most of the window grilles are welded.

But there is also the concept of “forged lattice”. Elements of their pattern are made by hot or cold forging, and the same welding is used during assembly. The main material is a square or a bar. These grilles are for customers with sufficient funds and artistic taste. The pattern of these lattices resembles the finest lace.

What color the lattices will be is up to the customer. The range of painting materials is very large today. Antique bronze, antique silver, gold, clear, green lacquer, black, etc. The specialist will tell you which helmet to choose. Painting must be carried out with a preliminary metal primer – to avoid corrosion.

Installation of grilles can be done in two ways:

  • into the ends of the window opening (outside behind frames or between frames);
  • overlay on the window opening.
  • And lastly, it is better not to make measurements yourself, but entrust this crucial moment to a specialist (if only because the dimensions are removed depending on the installation method).

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