The window between the bathroom and the kitchen: why you need it and how to arrange

The window between the bathroom and the kitchen: why you need it and how to arrange

There are several versions of why, in old apartments, a window was made without fail from the bathroom to the kitchen:

  1. As a technical opening in case of gas leakage or explosion. Now this reason is irrelevant, it used to be wood-burning heaters and old gas water heaters installed in the bathrooms, which posed a threat to the residents. Modern water heaters are safe, have leakage sensors and cutoffs. In addition, experts believe that the window between the kitchen and the bathroom will not help in the event of a gas explosion – the partition itself is usually too thin.
  2. As an emergency escape route or bathroom access. Let’s say that a child is locked in the bathroom, and now he cannot open the door himself. Or one of the inhabitants of the apartment felt bad at heart. The window made it possible to enter the room without knocking out the door. However, most often such a window is small and located high, it may be more convenient to open the door to the bathroom..
  3. As a source of natural light. Saving electricity, the ability to take a bath, even if the electricity is turned off – the window to the kitchen performs these functions properly.
  4. Fight against steam, dampness, mold. Yes, forced ventilation helps, but an open window is even better, the bathroom will be fresher and drier.
  5. As a way to expand your bathroom space. This room in old apartments was always tiny, the window created a little more space..

Window in

Window decor between kitchen and bathroom

The window from the bathroom to the kitchen as a source of natural light and a way to combat high humidity is still relevant today. It is, of course, not difficult to close it up, for example, using brickwork or using drywall. The main thing is to carefully dismantle the window opening so as not to disturb the entire wall, which, we repeat, is usually quite thin and fragile.

Sealing the window from the bathroom to the kitchen with brick

As a convenient, simple and economical option: a wardrobe in a former window opening. You will have to order it strictly according to the size of the opening or make it yourself. Let there be a blank cabinet wall on the side of the kitchen, made of chipboard, for example, and in the bathroom there are shelves behind or without doors. Thus, not only an unnecessary window is closed, but also a place for storing all kinds of little things in the bathroom appears..

If it is decided to leave the window between the bathroom and the kitchen, you can try to make it more attractive. The easiest option is a high-quality plastic double-glazed window, with the ability to open completely or for ventilation.

Plastic window to the bathroom

However, many people consider an ordinary white rectangular glass unit boring. If the window remains, but the style of the kitchen or bathroom changes dramatically, you need to try to fit it into the renovated room. For example, order a plastic window under a tree or use bright, colorful stained-glass windows.

Stained glass window in the bathroom

Glass blocks are also used. They will let the light through, but they will not be able to look into the bathroom. And glass blocks look more original than a regular glass unit. Minus – we are no longer talking about airing the bathroom, the window is actually blocked, it is worse for sunlight to pass through.

Glass block bathroom window

Colored glass blocks in the bathroom

It is more difficult to change the shape of the window; you will have to make an appropriate opening. And a double-glazed window will cost more. But on the other hand, for example, porthole windows look very stylish..

Round window in the bathroom

Important! If you yourself decide to make an internal window in an apartment, you need to coordinate this only in the case of a load-bearing wall.

Someone thinks the window from the bathroom or the bathroom to the kitchen (as an option – into the corridor) is a necessity, someone gets rid of it without regret. It’s up to you, in any case, do everything right and let the window decorate your rooms.

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