Blue tea from Thailand – useful properties and contraindications, how to brew and drink for weight loss

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This drink is famous not only for its marvelous color, but also for its unusual taste, due to which it has gained a huge number of fans around the world. With all this, moth blue tea, or butterfly pea tea, has a lot of useful properties, which makes it a truly unique tool for treating a variety of ailments. The rules for the preparation and reception of the said drink will be discussed below..

What is blue tea

This exotic life-giving composition has many names: clitoria, anchan, Thai orchid. Raw materials for tea are flowers and leaves of moth peas – climbing plants with blue or purple flowers. By the way, exclusively young buds that pluck at dawn are suitable for the production of anchan. In addition, together with bright colors, the collector also removes three leaves. The quality of the final product is determined by subsequent drying and fermentation.


The anthocyanins included in the buds of Thai peas give a rich blue or purple shade to tea. The latter are organic dyes, so they are absolutely harmless to the body. A freshly brewed blue drink contains polyphenols and useful minerals necessary for humans: iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc. In addition, blue tea from Thailand is the source of the entire line of B vitamins. Among other things, the drink includes antioxidants.

Blue tea with cups and buds of Thai peas in a saucer

Beneficial features

The healing qualities of Thai turquoise tea are due to the rich content of vitamins and minerals. So, due to the presence of manganese in the blue drink, it is rightly considered an excellent antidepressant and is used to eliminate the effects of stress and insomnia. Thai blue tea contributes to weight loss and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of the drink has a beneficial effect on cerebral circulation. In addition, Anchan tea has other therapeutic effects:

  • fights glaucoma and other pathologies of vision;
  • strengthens the vessels of the eyeballs;
  • improves skin, hair;
  • strengthens nails;
  • possesses antioxidant properties;
  • helps to lose weight (promotes the breakdown of body fat);
  • improves blood circulation;
  • improves memory.


Clitoria tea has a minimum of restrictions for admission. So, due to the fact that the blue drink has a strong sedative effect, it is not recommended to use it before a long trip while driving or an important meeting. If there is an individual intolerance to any component that is part of the flowers of the butterfly pea, it is better to refuse to take it. The rest of the exotic drink is absolutely harmless and allowed for use even by pregnant women.

Pregnant woman drinking tea

How to make blue tea

Making a drink requires some experience and patience. So, if you pour dry clitoria flowers with boiling water, all the benefits of the plant will be reduced to zero, and the final product will lose its aroma and unusual taste. Water for brewing tea from the flowers of Anchan should be boiled and then let it cool to the required 90 degrees. At this temperature, all the healing properties of the clitorium will safely pass into the drink..

Dry flowers, leaves of moth peas are brewed with hot water, but after a few seconds it is drained. Re-steaming the tea, let it brew for about 5 minutes. Lemon juice, honey or sugar are added to the finished blue composition to taste. In no way is the preparation of herbal mixtures prohibited. So, it is recommended to supplement the rich aroma of moth peas with thyme, mint or ginger. According to Asian experts, such a combination of medicinal herbs has the maximum benefit for human health.

Brewed blue tea with a cup and teapot

How to drink blue tea

In most cases, Anchan is consumed for therapeutic purposes, although some gourmets prefer to enjoy the unique taste and smell of this drink daily. Reception of Thai orchids for the prevention and treatment of various diseases requires a slightly different approach to its preparation. In this case, blue or purple tea is placed in a thermos and brewed with slightly cooled boiling water, after which it is infused for about 30 minutes. Such a healing composition is recommended to be consumed in a glass 15 minutes before bedtime..

Thai slimming tea

The composition of moth peas includes polyphenols, which accelerate metabolism and contribute to a more efficient breakdown and elimination of fats. Purple slimming tea is drunk every other day for a week, after which they take a break. Due to the fact that the body quickly gets used to the effects of moth peas, it should be stopped for 21 days, and then repeat the course again.

Iced blue tea in a glass and a girl


The price of blue tea

In Thailand, butterfly peas can be purchased for about 160-200 p. per one gram package. Outside the country, finding anchan is rather difficult. For this reason, counterfeit (fake) products are often distributed under the guise of the original. In this regard, the purchase of a Thai orchid should only be from trusted sellers, because only in this case you can be sure of the quality of the product. Meanwhile, the prices of purple tea in specialized online stores in Moscow vary from 270 to 300 rubles. per 50 gram package.

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