Site decoration with stone blocks: design of a pergola near the house

Backyard Gazebo Design: Combining Zones

Wildlife is left behind the fence, and guests get the impression that they are relaxing in the middle of an ennobled oasis.

The design of the pergola at home: creating an organic space

Not everyone dares to use massive stones for a narrow path, but the result is stunning.

Gazebo design: the illusion of a room

This limestone pathway was inspired by Japanese garden design. It has a slightly chaotic look, but it's neat.

The design of a pergola by the house: the best of both worlds

Concrete path as if to start the day with a swim in the pool.

Backyard gazebo design: possible alternatives

A backlit pool and fountain are striking elements in their own right, and long tiles further enhance the effect.

The design of the pergola at home: mix and match

If you plant herbs in between the concrete maze, it will allow the hostess to take a short walk, picking herbs for dinner.

Gazebo design: A game of chess

Such an unusual garden will be the envy of all neighbors. What are your landscaping techniques?

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