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Often wallpaper materials are the most familiar wall finish. Their popularity has increased due to the affordable price and ease of pasting, but not in all places. Anyone can cope with smooth surfaces, but not everyone can prove himself as a professional in the question of how to properly glue wallpaper in the corners. In order not to slow down the repair process and make it better, you will have to resort to some construction tricks.

Features wallpapering in the corners of the room

Pasting the straight surface of the wall is not difficult, but as soon as you get to the turn, hassle begins. How to glue wallpaper in the corners? People already experienced in this matter recommend that beginners observe several conditions:

  1. Do not use a whole canvas in a bend. No matter how smooth it may seem, wrinkles and skews still result, because some modern wallpaper materials shrink after drying.
  2. Do not start pasting from the very junction of the walls – it is not as smooth as at first glance. It turns out that at once two panels deteriorate at once. Instead, take a level and draw a vertical line..

There are 2 ways to glue wallpaper in the corner:

  1. Place overlays on each other and make a cut in the center of the overlap. Remove cut parts.
  2. Glue one panel, leading the edge 1.5-2 cm per turn, then butt to it – the prepared second piece of material.

Putty walls

Wall preparation

Prior to gluing, you need to carry out preparatory work:

  1. Inspect the wall joints themselves for bumps. They need to be leveled with putty, which will dry for a couple of hours. After that, sand the surface to achieve perfect smoothness..
  2. Using the chalk level, draw a straight vertical line, departing from the junction of the walls by 4-5 cm. There will be the edge of the canvas.

Step-by-step technique

To start gluing, you need to prepare the necessary materials – all of them should be at your fingertips. Sticking wallpaper in the corners requires the following:

  • wallpaper of the desired length with a margin of a couple of cm;
  • adhesive diluted in warm water, suitable according to the characteristics of your material;
  • roller and brush for applying glue;
  • a dry cloth to erase excess adhesive;
  • a brush for leveling the panels;
  • a ruler;
  • construction knife;
  • a stool to reach the top of the canvases.

Sticking inside corners

How to glue inside corners

Here are the stages of how to glue paper wallpaper in the corners:

  1. Glue application. Thoroughly coat the surface of the wall joint from top to bottom with the prepared composition, because there the material comes off more easily and more often. Use where you get a roller, and where you need a brush.
  2. First part. On the side where the material is already pasted, glue the next part so that it falls about 4-5 cm beyond the rotation, as shown in the photo. Press the edge with a sponge. Press harder on the turning point to fix it more thoroughly.
  3. The second part of. Proceed to the other wall. Knowing the width of your material, measure it on the wall so that one edge of the panel comes into 2-4 cm previously glued. Draw a line, checking it for verticality. After applying glue to the wall, glue the second canvas. Press the edges with a sponge.
  4. Trimming excess. Arm yourself with a ruler and a construction knife. In the center of the overlap, make a vertical cut using a ruler. Carefully tear off the top panel from the wall and remove the bottom trimmed part.
  5. Final gluing. Carefully coat the part that has been unscrewed with adhesive and re-stick to the wall, smoothing the edge and removing excess glue. The perfect seam is ready!

Paste outside corners

How to paste over external corners

The protruding parts are more visible in the room, so they must be performed especially carefully. There are two options for sticking the wallpaper yourself:

  1. The ledge is perfectly flat. Then just wrap the canvas around the corner joint 3-4 cm and glue it. Do not cut it, and stick the following according to the usual straight surface technology.
  2. The walls are uneven. Have to use another way.

The second method will not be different from the technology for internal corner joints. Here’s how to glue the wallpaper in the protruding corners:

  1. Stick the first strip with an overlap for the corner joint of about 4-5 cm.
  2. Measure the width of the panel from the ledge and back off another 5 mm so that when gluing one part slightly bumps into another.
  3. On the ruler, make a cut in the middle of the overlap.
  4. The upper part will fall off by itself, and remove the lower one by moving the upper canvas and sticking it in place.

Such methods are proposed for those materials that are glued joint to joint and do not give shrinkage deformations. So the seam will not go apart and there will be no gaps in the wall. For paper materials, these methods will not work – an overlay of 0.5 cm is required, so the first method is used when the overlap is not cut, but simply checked for verticality using a plumb line. If deviations are found, they draw a line and cut the unnecessary. For a more aesthetic design, a wallpaper corner is often used..

Video tutorials on wallpapering in the corners of a room

The market of finishing materials is replete with numerous offers. Judging by the reviews, high-quality corner joints are especially important when expensive materials are selected for repair. How to stick wallpaper designed for painting with a non-woven base? Their width differs from the standard – it is meter. How to make a turn from hot stamped vinyl models that can also be washed? In addition, there are photo murals – what to do with them? If you are new to this business – check out the helpful videos below, thanks to which you can perform corner joints qualitatively..

How to glue corners with vinyl wallpaper

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