How to wash windows without streaks at home

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Dirty, dusty, muddy windows spoil the look of the home and look untidy. To keep them clean and get the effect of sparkling transparent glasses that do not attract dust, you need to know what detergents and methods to use.

Reasons for glass stains

Stains on glass come from chemicals that either dried too fast or were not washed off well enough. We must adhere to the rule: wash the windows in warm, but not sunny, calm weather. In the sun, the liquid dries quickly and there is a high probability of not having time to rinse the washing solution in time. Another reason for stains is the wrong sequence of washing processes. You need to start with the frames, then clean the glass, otherwise there will be a cloudy coating on the edges.

How to wash windows

Girl washes a window

Plastic and wooden windows require different care. To cleanly wash a painted wooden frame, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • do not use abrasive products and hard sponges, so as not to damage the wooden surface;
  • wash off the dirt from top to bottom on the glass with a sponge soaked in a washing solution;
  • remove accumulated foam from the frame with a wet rag and then wipe dry.

Cleaning windows without streaks means:

  • warm soapy solution (for example, prepared from shavings of laundry soap with water);
  • use for cleaning glass from the side of the street with a mop or brush with a long handle;
  • final stage – dry water driving from all parts of the window, and then glass polishing.

Cleaning double-glazed windows in metal-plastic frames is not a complicated process, but it has features:

  • use any detergents for windows (with alcohol, vinegar, etc.);
  • rubber gaskets are well washed and dried so that they do not deform, do not lag behind the frame, and are also treated with silicone grease;
  • The hardware and fasteners of plastic windows require special attention, after washing, all parts are dried, lubricated with machine oil or universal tool WD-40.

How to wash windows so that there are no stains

For the care of windows suitable household, professional or home remedies. Their effectiveness is different. Before work, prepare the inventory:

  • a container of warm water;
  • sprays or other window cleaning preparations;
  • dry rags (well absorbing water);
  • napkins for washing windows without streaks;
  • a mop to clean the outside of the glass;
  • scraper for driving water;
  • latex gloves.

Household chemicals


Manufacturers offer many tools. The most expensive ones are marked “eco”, as natural as possible. Not all of them are equally effective, despite the high price. Professional tools are better. They can be in the form of a spray, foam, liquid for dilution in water, cleaning cream. Such funds are more expensive, they are effective, but can cause an allergic reaction. Most Popular:

  • IKeep Spray!. Cost – 150 rubles per 750 ml. It removes fingerprints from any glossy surfaces, contains antistatic (repels dust), has a pleasant unsharp smell, is non-toxic.
  • CIF Cream. 215 rubles per 750 ml. Effectively launders dirt and grease from glass, gives a noticeable shine, has a convenient bottle, has a sharp chemical smell.
  • Homestar Tool. 60 rubles per 750 ml. It does not leave stains, removes stains and grease from mirror and glass surfaces, forms a small foam, has a pleasant smell.
  • Clin Windows & Glass. 246 rubles per 500 ml. It does not leave streaks, the spray can switch to economy mode, non-toxic, has a slight chemical smell, removes dirt from windows well, replaceable bottles are on sale.
  • HG for washing windows and frames. 300 rubles per 500 ml. The concentrated product, economical (3 tablespoons per 5 liters of water), has a long shelf life (7 years). Washes greasy stains, does not harm the paint of window frames, non-toxic, pH-neutral. There are no divorces after him.

Means Homestar, HG, iKeep!

Folk recipes

There are many popular methods to give crystal clear windows. They use simple and affordable products – vinegar, soda, salt, chalk, etc. The plus is that there are no allergies to such detergents, and the price in comparison with household chemicals is good. Simple recipes using available ingredients:

  • Flannel fabric or suede cloth soaked in linseed oil. She carefully wiped the glass. Woolen or flannel fabric are polished immediately according to oil. It is possible to process the frames inside and outside with oil from flax seeds and polish the fittings. This method cleans dirt, gives shine to the glass, allows you to keep them clean for a long time, gives the effect of antistatic.
  • Crushed chalk. Chalk crumb is mixed with a solution of alcohol (1: 2 with water) or vodka until a liquid slurry (chalk is gradually poured with vodka). Glasses are cleaned with a soft flannel cloth moistened with a composition of alcohol and chalk. Gruel is washed off with water. Glasses are polished with flannel fabric. After this treatment they shine, the dirt does not stick for a long time.
  • Potato starch gives shine. The starch powder is diluted in warm water (1 tbsp. Per liter), the glasses are washed, dried and polished with a soft cloth.
  • Onions – another tool for washing windows at home. It is used for severe contamination. The onion is cut in half and the juice from the cut is applied to the stained area. After 20 minutes it is washed off with water and polished. This tool will help to wash off traces of adhesive tape, glue, dried artificial snow..
  • A solution of lemon juice or vinegar with water is used when rinsing the glasses after washing (a tablespoon in a glass of water). Gives shine and repels insects. After cleaning the glasses, wet the rag with a solution, wipe the surface, polish with a soft cloth.
  • You can use a dry newspaper to polish glass after washing.. The sheets are folded into loose balls, which rub the glass on both sides to a shine.

Man rubs window glass with newspaper


How to wash windows outside in winter

If necessary, you can wash the windows in winter, including from the outside. We’ll have to stock up on the appropriate inventory, prepare and act systematically. How to wash windows without streaks in cold weather:

  1. To clean dirt from a window sill, from frames and glasses. A vacuum cleaner will help with this, but you will need a special nozzle for crevices. Carefully, so as not to leave scratches on the surface, we remove coarse dirt. We clean the cracks themselves with a toothpick or cotton swab..
  2. When icing windows due to accumulated condensate, ice is removed. A good helper will be a solution of salt or soda (dilute 10 tablespoons in 1 liter of water). The composition can be applied on glass and on frames (not wooden). After surface treatment, wipe off. It is best to use a microfiber cloth. It does not leave fibers and does not require strong wetting with water, which will help to work without the formation of ice.
  3. The next step is cleansing.. In winter, due to subzero temperatures, special formulations should be used. Ordinary household chemicals do not give an effect due to frost. Car cleaners used in winter can be used..
  4. Immediately after washing, remove moisture from the surface of the glass and frames, then polish.
  5. In the end – treat glass with icing or glycerin.
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