Treat yourself to the coziness and serenity of the Urban Treehouse

Shrubbery and a footpath have been planted beside the houses
Metal ladders take you up to the second floor

The bedroom and living room of the Urban Treehouse, due to the absence of any partitions and the presence of such techniques as Large window coverings, look more than worthy. Lots of light, the use of lots of wood, carrying warm, natural tones, and a compact stylish furniture – moments, the presence of which makes the process of living in such a home simply unforgettable.

The upper level can accommodate even a small kitchen
The seating areas are decorated with lots of cushions of various sizes

The minimalist kitchen looks great in this home. Combination of colors in the interior of this area is fully consistent with the overall palette, and Designer kitchen chairs Provide the necessary degree of practicality.

The construction of the house is made of metal and wood
Part of the house has steel sheeting on the outside
View the house at night
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