A brutal residence by Tense Architecture Network, Kifissia, Greece

Modern home made of concrete

The small and almost square shape of the site made it difficult for the team of architects headed by the designer Athanasios Kontizas to design a place for the family, a playground for children, utility rooms, while embodying the atmosphere of privacy and comfort in the design. But they achieved this by playing with contrasting colors and lighting. The authors chose monolithic concrete and glass as the main building materials.

Terrace for relaxing

A very effective compositional touch to the interior is the staircase, which seems to be floating in the air and is attached by metal cables. The second floor is the master suite with a huge window offering a breathtaking view of the surroundings. To add volume to the entire structure, metal cables are strung around the perimeter of the building. Clinging to them, the climbing climbing roses will create a fine living green network. It will be beautiful and functional because the plants will create a cozy and provide coolness on hot days.

Suspended staircase on cables
Brutal house from Greek architects
House blueprints
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