A chic urban residence with picturesque views of the bay by Volpatohatz, Greenwich, Australia

Today's popular forum post on contemporary design and architecture, about finding the right balance between a captivating interior and unobstructed visual access to the magnificent view outside. Located in suburban Greenwich, Australia, this luxurious and beautiful home, designed by studio Volpatohatz, easily combines elegant design with panoramic views of the bay. Occupying the northern end of the famous Harbor Peninsula, the surrounding area has the unique charm of Sydney's neighborhood. But it has a more casual, tranquil atmosphere, which is ideal for those who want to protect themselves from the big city bustle.

Open living room on the top floor of the Volpatohatz
Panoramic view from the open living room of the Volpatohatz mansion
Interior Design of the Kitchen Dining Room at Volpatohatz

Spacious dining room with ultramodern kitchen in white decor complete the layout of the upper level. Basement and ground floor bedrooms and bathrooms, the coolness of the home library and the spacey feel of the work area enrich this trendy modern dwelling.

Drapery of mostly white, warm wood surfaces and glass walls enter into a necessary visual and textural contrast. Although most architectural designs use white to emphasize cold, minimalist design, here it cleverly creates a warming, welcoming and cozy atmosphere…

Interior design of a bedroom at the Volpatohatz mansion
Glass railing of the wooden staircase of the Volpatohatz mansion
Volpatohatz Mansion interior design: library

Project includes advanced building energy efficiency systems. It's rainwater tanks just below the decking, solar vacuum hot water pipes, hydraulic in-slab heating plates, landscaped roof. The upper level windows let in northern winter light to warm up the interior.

Luxury mansion design studio Volpatohatz
Luxury mansion by design studio Volpatohatz
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