A secluded retreat in the mountains – the stunning San Anselmo residence

In San Anselmo, CA, a picturesque, tree-lined hillside recently was the site of an ingenious, custom-built vacation home that visitors can experience for themselves A beautiful country home, became an organic continuation of the natural landscape.

Backyard of the San Anselmo Residences
Entrance to San Anselmo
Glass doors to the terrace
San Anselmo media room interior design
Stairs to the second floor
Interior design of a bedroom
The exterior of the San Anselmo residence

The total area of the house, which includes three cascaded floors, is more than two thousand square meters.

Almost all of the interior rooms are equipped with panoramic glazing, which visually expands the not so small space, and allows you to enjoy the stunning scenery, feeling of being part of nature.

The cottage interior is distinguished by laconic elegance and comfort. The well thought out system of indoor and outdoor lighting and the use of natural materials, the main one being natural wood, as well as the bright, calm colors of the rooms are worth a special mention.

The main advantage of the structure can be considered the presence of a modern system of solar panels installed on the roof, and heat and sound insulation.

The uniqueness of this project is that despite its considerable size, the building seems light and weightless, as if floating above the ground. Moreover, it does not look superfluous and out of place among this riot of greenery, symbolizing the increasing desire of modern man for nature.

San Anselmo ground floor plan
San Anselmo floor plan from the east
Section A
Section B
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