A unique home with a huge 16-car garage – the original home of a strong man, Bellevue, Washington, USA

Forum City is sure to be visited by car enthusiasts. For these men a car is – passion, life and love, not just a way to get around. It is not only a kind of luxury, but an indicator of image, high status and prestige. A beautiful and well-maintained car gives a successful owner. Color and model can tell a lot about you as a person, and so can your home.

These apartments are the dream of most men. Now you're sure to be live in a private garage With lots of stylish fashionable cars and a design that every man can relate to. This elegant home is located in Bellevue, WA, USA. It covers an area of 627.0955 square meters and houses two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage for 16 cars.

Luxury red car in front of the house

What to say about the comfort and design sophistication of this building, if the main emphasis was placed on the improvement of the room for these chic cars. All conditions are provided for them here.

Interior design living room with access to the garage
Kitchen interior design in bright red tones
Bathroom interior design
Gym interior design

A gym with just the right amount of exercise equipment will allow you to keep in tip-top shape from the comfort of your own home.

Transparent sliding doors to enter the garage from the living room
Luxury cars in a spacious garage
Open garage for several cars
Evening illumination of the house front
The green lawn with lighting
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