A unique project in a beautiful home in the woods

Interesting location of the villa in the thick of the forest
Villa exterior
Living room by the fireplace
Living room in a beautiful interior
On the wall hangs a beautiful painting
Kitchen area
Dining table
The bedroom has a fireplace
Magical bedroom color combination
The bathroom furniture set is also in wood

This residence sits atop one of the rocky cliffs near a beautiful lake. Surrounded by a breathtaking panoramic view of woods, water features, cliffs and everything anyone could dream of. Just imagine you are relaxing with a newspaper in this soft chair, and outside the window you see a real miracle of nature.

The house is equipped with everything you need to live. Check out this interesting combination of natural material and convenience. How wood and stone merge in the building's finish, how unusual the natural plank table is with the kitchen chairs, not at all like the standard dining chairs. Warmth and cosiness pervade the whole house, but without the mustiness of a cosy little house, just the freshness of a modern living room.

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