Amazing bachelor’s house reflecting his character by Mesh Architecture, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Undoubtedly, among the readers of the popular forum, there will be people interested in unusual design solutions. Here's a look at the idea of converting an industrial building into a living space.

Bachelor pad Steve Burns has a studio apartment with a total of 195 square meters.. Interior design by Mesh Architecture. The house is a reflection of the inner world of the owner.

Bachelor's studio apartment design

The architects kept 3 walls from the original structure and added unusual, modern ideas. The apartment surprises with its original interior, starting with a comfortable and spacious two-story room with modern furniture, complemented by industrial details: a simple metal staircase, bulky lamp and fireplace. And continuing with a bedroom completely finished in wood with perforated metal inserts on the walls.

The spacious bedroom is separated from the general living space, giving the owner the opportunity to lie in silence with his guitar. There is access from almost anywhere in the apartment to the cozy patio, With a terrace made of restored timber. Particularly surprising is how succinctly the transition from the old industrial part of the façade, decorated with prefabricated blue panels, to the patio, which emphasizes the richness and beauty of salvaged wood and the texture of the old red brick.

Bachelor studio apartment design
Bachelor studio apartment design
Bachelor studio apartment design
Bachelor studio apartment design
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