An Australian version of the Black Box architectural style: Cooks Hill Residence by Bourne Blue Architecture

Greetings, friends of the informative forum. Today we will walk through the house, which absorbed the traditions of building different countries. It's called Cooks Hill Residence and was commissioned by Bourne Blue Architecture for a young Australian family.

In the architecture of this house is striking a combination of two styles that were created at different times. The very shape of the building and the long narrow windows are typical of the English style, which echoes the shape of the – Black Box stables. The English usually have dark, almost black brick walls. The way of lighting from above by missing part of the ceiling is also used in the Black Box-like apartments.

Modernist style is pronounced with picture windows and interior layout. Zero symmetry and no standard room layouts. Corridors and bedrooms hang in the air. Part of the walls inside are also made of glass and let the light in through to the hanging passages and staircases.

Cooks Hill Residence interior design in Australia

Numerous fixtures on the walls of the house and a solid fence. Mom can go about her business in peace, the little camper can't leave the perimeter of the yard.

Cooks Hill Residence interior design in Australia

A small courtyard and the entire space is covered with lawn. Along the fence are several trees. They are quite young. Growing up and adding to the coziness.

Interior design Cooks Hill Residence in Australia

The kitchen is in the niche. It is separated from the dining room by a small bar. In front of the door, a colourful rug makes the ambience more cheerful.

Cooks Hill Residence Interior Design in Australia

The spacious kitchen is not as brightly lit, but still enough light. But it's hidden from the blazing sun. Even the hallway in front of the garage door doesn't need a light.

Cooks Hill Residence interior design in Australia

And this is the staircase upstairs, under which is a closet and the side surface is used for shelves. From this vantage point you can see the exterior glass wall. The lower part is open, creating an exit. You can see the yard and the neighboring houses.

Cooks Hill Residence interior design in Australia

Above the recreation room is another room. You can see the doors to the bathroom and toilet. Downstairs, sunlit, a colorful carpet plays with bright colors. It brings the whole ambiance of a house to life in soft, muted tones. White dominates the interior. The rest of the house shades it.

Cooks Hill Residence interior design in Australia
Interior design of Cooks Hill Residence in Australia
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    What elements of the Black Box architectural style are found in the Cooks Hill Residence by Bourne Blue Architecture?

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