Asymmetrical Villa SSK, a boulder house by Takeshi Hirobe Architects, on the shores of Tokyo Bay

Continuing the theme of unusual houses to the attention of visitors to the Beautiful Country House Villa SSK (Chiba, Japan), designed by specialists of Takeshi Hirobe Architects.

Villa SSK private mansion exterior

The site for this project was chosen beside the calm and tranquil waters of Tokyo Bay. The nature is truly impressive: the majestic waters of the ocean, the fresh wind, the smell of the tide, the wildflowers on the rocky mountains. That's why it was decided to design a building that would serve as a kind of a link between the mountains and the expanse of ocean.

Wooden beams in the interior of the SSK home

Wood beams were used for exterior walls. And despite the impressive size of such material, the structure does not look bulky thanks to a special technique of laying the boards.

The interior wooden decoration of the villa
Second floor of the SSK Villa
Wood trim on the walls of the SSK
Bedroom interior design in dark colors
Jacuzzi on the second floor
SSK Villa after sunset
Illuminating the front of the SSK building
The exterior of the SSK country villa
SSK Villa Project
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