Avoiding an identity crisis with a colorful and intense home decoration

The owners Ray Barrios and Mian Gallardo say that their residence suffers from an identity crisis. When they bought the maisonette on a secluded hillside overlooking the legendary Chateau Marmont, they were struck by the wood paneling and light blue paintwork on the front of the house.

Such an unusual exterior reminds them of a cozy and secluded Swiss chalet. In addition, the interior with its turquoise spiral staircase, accordion partition and stained-glass windows caught their eye for its beauty and aesthetic charm.

Fireplace in the original interior

In the original layout, a charming copper fireplace was the epicenter of attention in the living area. It had a vintage, concise form and functional, giving the setting of the apartments incredible aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Above this architectural element was an accordion-like partition, separating the small home office in the back left corner of the apartment from the main room.

Stairs to the attic

The attic in the apartment was previously unused for practical and functional purposes and is accessed by an original turquoise spiral staircase. The owners wanted to make this area comfortable for friends and acquaintances, so the architects renovated the attic, put some cozy mattresses on it, and replaced the spiral structure with a simpler model.

Panoramic window overlooking the surrounding area

New wrap-around window over the staircase gives everyone the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful view of the pool and the surrounding area. The natural surroundings lend an incredible natural charm, a freshness to the interior and an amazing harmony of colors and textures.

Multicolored Eames chairs in the interior dining room

New brightly colored Eames chairs in a variety of colors surround the Parsons walnut table, forming a beautiful dining area.

The interesting project of the house by the architectural company JAC Interiors in the American city of Los Angeles Hollywood Hills is an incredible creative masterpiece. It features a fantastic layout, amazing decoration, sustained in a modern style with bright colorful accents, chic furniture and accessories that attracted to this facility close attention and public interest.

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