Black interior of a nature house by Vipp

Country house design

House in the countryside of steel

Photo of building a cabin in the woods Photo - 01

Building process

Photo of the house in the woods Photo - 03
Photo of building a cottage in the woods Photo - 05
Photo of the cabin in the woods Photo - 07
Photo of building a house in the woods Photo - 09
A designer cabin in the woods in black

Four rooms in the house

The house has everything you need for comfortable living and includes four rooms. In the walls of the kitchen built in a rack for dishes and an oven, in the center – a multifunctional cabinet with drawers and sink and a small stove. The living room is just an interesting daybed and a bio-fireplace. The bedrooms are on the second floor and the ceiling is made of glass panels.

Unusual kitchen design in black
A fireplace in the kitchen of a country house

Biofireplace in a home in nature

Bedroom in a designer home

Bedroom Design

Front door handle in black house
Minimalist home design
Stairs to the roof of the house on the nature
Staircase of designer house
Glass wall in the living room
Diagram of the layout of the house in the countryside Photo - 01
Nature Home Layout Diagram Photo - 03
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