BR House Minimalist design by Marco Costanzi architetti, Modena, Italy

You love Italy? We think all the readers of Forum City, as one, will answer positively. Well, is it possible not to love the motherland beloved by all pizzas – The most popular dish on the planet? What it's all about spaghetti With a variety of sauces, Carpaccio, Caprese, Tiramisu and much more. A lot of people like Italian food because it is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Italian men are very temperamental, affectionate and hospitable, and women are very affectionate, sexy and uncommonly compliant.

Also the Italians know a lot about architecture. Every day thousands of tourists visit the fabulous Venice, picturesque Florence, majestic Rome to take pictures against the background of the most beautiful architectural monuments.

This country has a rich, centuries-old history. This is where it's built Colosseum, where hundreds of thousands of people were mauled by gladiator warriors or wild beasts to the noisy cries of the crowd. Many years have passed, and the craftsmen have not lost their taste for beauty, continuing to create architectural and design masterpieces. Just look at this luxurious house and you understand that comments here are unnecessary.

BR House was designed Marco Costanzi architetti in 2013 and built in Modena, Italy.

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