Casa CP 78 long house by Taller Estilo Arquitectura – feel light and free, Mexico

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Today we present to your attention an interesting architectural solution – Casa CP 78. Designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, who made the building their residence. This stunning home is located in Mexico, Yucagan. The object was completed by 2012.

As we can see, this unique modern structure was erected on a very long and narrow plot of land. The chic house itself has two levels. The first floor has been restored – it is part of a period building. During the reconstruction, architects have tried to make minimal changes to the mansion, having arranged in its walls garage, hallway and large living room.

Casa CP 78 in Mexico
Casa CP 78 in Mexico
Casa CP 78 in Mexico
Casa CP 78 mansion in Mexico. Kitchen

The chic staircase leads to the second level, which emphasizes the contrast between the old and new buildings. It is also an interesting decorative element. The bedrooms on the second floor have free access to a semi-open terrace.

Casa CP 78 in Mexico. Staircase to the second floor

The grounds include an outdoor pool and an enclosed patio.

Casa CP 78 Mansion in Mexico
Casa CP 78 mansion in Mexico
Casa CP 78 mansion in Mexico. Plan
Casa CP 78 in Mexico
Casa CP 78 mansion in Mexico. Plan

The interior of the house is designed in light colors, which allows you to show the spaciousness and airiness of the surrounding space. This kind of environment helps people who live there feel easy and free.

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  1. Magnolia

    This house by Taller Estilo Arquitectura in Mexico looks incredibly spacious and airy. I’m curious to know how the architects achieved this sense of lightness and freedom in the design. What techniques or materials were used to create such a visually open and inviting space?

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