Contemporary Southeast Asian spirit and tribute to elders in a family nest by WOHA Architects, Singapore

Welcome to Forum City. We want to introduce you to a very innovative, daring interior style of the house, which is located in Singapore. It's steeped in the spirit of modern Southeast Asia. More than a design statement, it's a tribute to tradition.

The second floor is supported by a colonnade
Minimalist Staircase

The upper floors of the house, where the owners and their children live, are closed from public view.

The trees surrounding the house merge with the architecture of the house

This screen is made of textured wood and aluminum rods of different lengths and diameters. In addition to its interesting design, it has important functions. A porous layer protects against rainy weather or bright light, allowing daylight and air ventilation to filter.

Second Floor Gallery

And not for nothing this house can be called a nest, because the design resembles a nesting house, which birds build from materials such as limbs, branches and bark

The Nest House - a fusion of modernity and tradition
Strong minimalism in every detail

Stunning bathroom design supports the overall concept of the house.

WC with stone bathtub

This unusual nest house boldly proclaims its Asian spirit, the fusion of East and West.

Materials provided by WOHA Architects.

Project drawing of the Nest House
Design drawing of the Nest House
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