Cozy one-story house with a flat roof and stunning landscaping

Continuing the theme on Forum City about impeccable design and residential architecture We want to draw your attention to a sophisticated and modern house. The private residence is located in northwest Hungary, in the cozy and quiet town of Győr-Moson-Sopron. The development belongs to the studio TOTH PROJECT, which showed the perfect flexibility to create a comfortable home for the whole family.

Design of a family residence in Hungary
Front door of a family residence in Hungary

A bespoke solution was created specifically for this project landscape design. The owners wanted a sympathetic image, as much as possible reminiscent of natural landscapes and cardinally different from artificial developments. The elegant swimming pool has no concrete or glass surrounds, but instead has a natural pebble frame. Besides there are beautiful plants growing from under the water and if you look closer you will see a similar resemblance to a natural lake, a small and lovely pond, which are given to the inhabitants for their private use.

The pond at the family residence in Hungary
Design of a family residence in Hungary
The terrace of a family residence in Hungary

Inside the house there is a calm and carefree atmosphere, which is achieved through a neutral palette of white, gray and brown. The flooring is parquet, which is painted with an elegant shade imitating a light patina, the color the wood acquires over time. And only bright and juicy flashes of plants appear from time to time, saturating the refined image with perky colors and making the overall picture more lively.

The effect is enhanced by natural light penetrating inside through panoramic windows, and they are present in different configurations: the main – from the joint line of the wall to the top and adjacent to the floor, and auxiliary are located under the ceiling, have a rectangular shape. The living room area is separated by a wall of decorative stone, illustrated with a scenic print. In the evening, black luminaires, floor lamps and chandeliers serve as sources of light, which can also be seen as decorations.

Living room of a family residence in Hungary
Interior of a family residence in Hungary
Dining room of a family residence in Hungary
Bedroom of a family residence in Hungary

As you can see, natural motifs are evident throughout the home, and they are represented not only in examples of living plants, but also in the images and prints that adorn the walls. Anise and dandelion flowers bring colorful colors to life and enliven even the empty corridors connecting the rooms.

Corridor of a family residence in Hungary

According to the architects, the clients wanted an environment in their home that was as close to natural as possible. This is evident in the decor of the house, but also visible from the outside. The perfect harmony that surrounds each room, the balance of shades, textures and shapes intrigue the imagination and enchant with simplicity, sophistication and understated chic. The dominance of wood and neutral white were the perfect backdrop against which all the original design intent was placed, show how individually the interior was created for each individual zone.

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