Cute country house in a modern rustic style with a cozy courtyard

This elegant home is located in the district municipality of Delta in the province of British Columbia, Canada. This 235-square-foot home was renovated by a talented group of architects twelve years ago. Interior Design The interior design of this British Columbia/Delta home features a unique style that will never go out of style. It is situated in a quiet and peaceful countryside area, characterized by fresh clean air, luxuriant vegetation that fills every centimeter, and incredible atmosphere imbued with rustic entourage and ecological way of life.

Interior design for a home in British Columbia's Delta Province

Decorating the facade of the house performed in a classical and sophisticated style, dominated by the standard proportions, elegant outlines and admirable harmony of colors and textures. A distinctive feature of the structure is the color scheme: the combination of dark gray cladding material covering the walls of the building, with white window frames and pergola forms a memorable and bright image.

Interior Design of a House in Delta, British Columbia

The interior has been designed in a classic and striking manner, dominated by a bright palette of hues, and a combination of modern comfort and antique interior. The decoration is in contrasting black and white, which gives the environment of the mansion even more dramatic and spectacular. The floor surface is covered with wooden planks of deep dark shade, their natural texture brings to the atmosphere even more relaxed.

Interior design for a home in Delta, British Columbia

A unique cowhide rug in the living room supports the overall contrasting hue palette, and gives the apartment a comfort and special coziness. The wall design in the distance is made with the help of photo frames and a variety of pictures, which are sustained in a laconic image. Green plant dilutes the overall design and gives the room freshness.

Interior Design of a House in British Columbia Province - Delta

The dining area continues the original style of the apartment. It harmoniously combines contrasting tones with the natural texture of wood. An amazing lamp with a round textile floor lamp, fantastic chairs with plastic seats and flowing drapes give the setting a homely warmth.

Interior design of a home in British Columbia Province - Delta

The home library is decorated with capacious shelving units, a vintage desk and a fancy chair, which in its shape and outline resembles models from the dining area. A soft palace, a comfortable light upholstered armchair and an original flower vase fill the space with a special sensuality and pleasant aura that is perfect for private reading, relaxation and unhurried conversation.

Interior design for a home in British Columbia's Delta Province

Interesting house project in the municipality of Delta, British Columbia, is an exceptional example of how you can transform the living space of a suburban mansion into a beautiful and comfortable place filled with bright colours and a welcoming atmosphere.

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