Danish summer house: simplicity and functionality fuse in a Scandinavian style

We keep discussing interesting house designs. Today we will introduce you to a summer cottage located in Denmark. It is distinguished both by its exterior peculiarities and its incredibly attractive interior. It is a shining example that simplicity and brevity can be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

The first thing that looks unusual is the color of the facade, a deep black shade seems unusual for us, but given the climatic conditions of the area, everything falls into place. These latitudes are characterized by harsh winters and short warm periods. The locals have learned to fully enjoy the short summer, and the choice of color is due to the fact that it warms up faster in the sun. On such a dark background, snow-white window frames stand out in particular. Their abundance allows maximum use of natural light. There is a terrace around the house and even an outdoor shower. If you look closely, you will see that the house is just drowned in a riot of greenery. Being here in the midst of blooming is the equivalent of a true relaxation. Quiet surroundings, magnificent scenery and boundless tranquility are the conditions in which any holiday will be fabulous.

Summer cottage in Denmark
A summer cottage in Denmark

Inside meets us Scandinavian design traditionally dominated by the dazzling whiteness of the walls and the rest of the decor. These tones contribute to a more serene emotional mood and are the perfect canvas for later home improvement. In a spacious living room there is nothing unnecessary, the design intentionally got rid of excesses, giving preference to simplicity and brevity. In addition to the basic color palette uses gray, light brown and elements of natural wood. In the center of the room on the floor is a soft, fluffy rug, on which it is so pleasant to tread barefoot, feeling the softness of the fibers and light pleasure. A large part of the space is taken up by a comfortable corner sofa, it visually separates this area, creating a zone of comfort. Also welcome plants, which are used as a decor, they enliven the atmosphere and add interesting notes in the overall image.

Interior design in the Scandinavian style

Interior Design compact kitchen is simple, but decorated with special taste. The minimum of furniture, instead of the traditional chests of drawers, there are shelves, which are hidden behind the checkered curtains. The restraint, minimalism, abundance of light and brevity in every detail forms an incredible atmosphere, inspiring and soothing. Being here, you will not see any flashy details, annoying accents, only neatness and tidy workplace of the hostess.

Scandinavian interior design
Interior design in the Scandinavian style

The bathroom is decorated in the same Scandinavian style. Here, elegant modern bathroom fixtures exist in harmony with traditional accents. Instead of towel racks used a simple wooden ladder, natural tones best influence the atmosphere. Slight shabby mirror frame, elegant lamps and flowers, such combination of palette, details and texture are woven into the perfect image, light and aged.


This stunning project of a modern summer house strikes with its calm atmosphere, light and unobtrusive design, functionality and visual appeal. To find yourself in this environment – it's to get into a completely different world, where there is calm and harmony between inside and outside environment. Antique details and minimalism provide ample space to inspire and spend an unforgettable and short summer in Denmark.

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