Delightful home with stunning River Room design by Shaun Lockyer Architects, Brisbane, Australia

Stunning River Room design

What does the design contribute to the life of the residents??

The contemporary design of the residence offers a permanent and unobstructed connection to a beautiful river that has not previously been developed. New spaces are designed to capture more heat and light in winter in a previously cold and dark house with the added ability to divide and connect areas for year-round use.
In summer, however, the new space can be adapted to control the amount of ventilation and fresh air within the different areas, which was not possible before during windy periods (which happened often).

Master bedroom now has panoramic views of the river and good ventilation. The relationship to the street for parts of the house is unaltered (the front of the building faces a relatively busy street). The extension of the building represents a barrier and closes off the existing house from view. Which allows you to enjoy your privacy. Relax in peace as you contemplate the lush landscape.

Human Labor

All the work was done through the hard work of many people including engineers, landscape architects, artists and other professionals. This project was completed by a team the firm has worked with many times before. There was a good understanding between the builder, architect and subcontractors. Beneficial contracts, such as the wood supply for the doors and superior framing on the windows, were most important to the final result of the project. The cabinetmaker also played a key role in the quality of execution, delivering a superb result. The carpenters put an entire house together with their work on the screens, floors and cladding panels, which really show off the top flight and excellent quality.

Sustainability: Benefits to the environment through design

It was a house destined for demolition, but instead became a beautiful new home. The project was the salvation of the house, it prolonged its viability. Most of the materials were salvaged where possible and all new wood was FSC or PEFC certified. Based on glazing areas can be used all year round in a very beneficial way.
Extra insulation installed on floors, walls and new ceilings increases the amount of heat. The building's optimal northeast orientation significantly reduces dependence on artificial heating in winter, when the "River Room" is flooded with sun and light.
Efficiency of combined areas, ultimately the most viable element in a design that actually reduced the amount of energy absorbed in the home

Stunning River Room design
Stunning design of the River Room
Stunning River Room design
Stunning River Room design
Stunning River Room design
Stunning River Room design
Stunning River Room Design
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