Discover the beauty of living in a Kettle Hole home by Robert Young, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of the forest, East Hampton, N.Y

Have you ever dreamed of a home with a view of the woods? If so, then I doubt that you, dear visitors of Forum City, in your reverie imagined such a mansion, buried in the green of young pines. Located in the small town of East Hampton, New York. This stylish, modern building is designed by Robert Young, though "designed" – is not quite the right word. Rather, we can talk about the redesign of an existing building, where the previous interior design and quality of construction left much to be desired.

The kettle-hole country house
The kettle-hole country house
The kettle-hole country house
Kettle-hole country house
The kettle-hole country house
The kettle-hole country house

The 2.8-hectare property is home to magnificent white Canadian pines and has a wonderful view of a small pond. Back in 1982 there was a small building on this piece of land, but it was too dull and old-fashioned, and it was already starting to deteriorate. I even wondered if the restoration will not cost more than the new house. But in the nature of the human soul there is an instinct to preserve what is already there. That's why the decision was made to find cost-effective ways to save the mansion. Topographical analysis showed it was too close to the water, and if the construction company had been tasked with rebuilding the cottage, they would have chosen a location away from the body of water. But then it would be necessary to sacrifice the view of the pond, which gave special charm to this corner of nature.

Meanwhile, there were some oddities in the previous design. These include, for example, dark, cramped hallways and tall, narrow windows. But at the same time, the first architects have wisely planned the main rooms, placing the cozy bedrooms – the master bedroom and the guest room – in the most secluded area. The kitchen and dining areas were expanded, a small covered porch was added and an additional room was added without changing the actual size of the house. In this way we were able to maximize the use of uncomfortable and useless spaces of the old layout, as well as to create additional space.

The exterior of the building has also undergone significant changes by installing new windows and cladding, which did not cost much. And the awkward dark stairwell was transformed into a stylish rectangular tower with simple and beautiful steps of blackened steel. The abundance of glass surfaces and natural colors of the finishes create harmony between the house and the surroundings. Such unity of creations of human hands and nature pleases the heart and soul.

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