Escape from the bustle of the city in a luxurious country house

Check out the project Dixon House, from the creative team at Designgroup Stapleton Elliott, In a rustic setting. The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, in the quiet of the country, with family and friends.

Creative façade of Dixon House by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

Building facade

The complex consists of three free-standing pavilions, which protect the small courtyard from the wind and from prying eyes.

The kitchen area of Dixon House by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

A modern kitchen with a light-colored woodgrain finish

The glass walls of Dixon House by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

Glass walls of the main building

The other two units are designed to preserve the privacy of the family and their guests. Here are the bedrooms, dressing and sanitary rooms and the small living rooms with glass walls overlooking the patio.

Dixon House mansion guest bedroom by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

Guest bedrooms

The beautiful front room of the Dixon House mansion by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott
Dixon House Master Bedroom by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

The master bedroom

Modern interior in the style of minimalism combines calm colors and bright touches of accents. So in the living room, the designers laid a rug with oblique white stripes on the floor, and elsewhere, a bright, eye-catching print adorns the wall. Another touch was the painting above the fireplace in the dining room, which has a mesmerizing riot of colors and shapes.

The beautiful landscape of Dixon House by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott
Dixon House mansion outdoor dining room by Designgroup Stapleton Elliott

Outdoor Dining Room

On the whole, we would like to point out that the laconic design is aimed at relaxation after all. The beauty of the natural surroundings as well as the golf club nearby contribute to this.

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