Exceptional architectural layout in an urban private residence project

Bow House Apartments is a private residence located in Richmond, Victoria, Australia. They were designed by the experts and engineers at Edwards Moore architectural firm in 2014. Unusual Home Is located on a modest minimalist plot in a tight urban development, but it provides an opportunity in a rational and functional manner allocate the main areas and public areas for recreation and wholesome life.

The functional Bow house apartments are located on a modest residential street in the city of Richmond, in a building that was formerly a one-story brick cottage. Rectangular shaped block connected to Coppin Street to the west, bordered on each side of the structure. Its north façade is contiguous with a double-height wall that extends along the building.

In total, it is a modest three-bedroom family house for an active young couple, which provides for their quality and practical life a cozy living room and kitchen space combined with maximum access to natural light. Form interesting house design responds to its rectilinear orientation to the path of the sun and creates a comfortable interior for its residents. This cottage in plan and section provides maximum sunlight access to the courtyard with garden, and has privacy and enclosed frontage on the driveway side of the street.

A large number of glazed window openings capture much of the morning sun on the upper level and in the bathroom. At the back, a double-height ceiling room serves as the culmination of a transition from the street to an enclosed, vegetated oasis.

The exterior of the Bow House Mansion

Interior heated tar floors provide thermal comfort with concrete expansion to the outdoors, providing a cozy outdoor dining area. The shape of the shaped roof of the mansion is visible from the garden, and it was made using low-profile radiating zinc panels.

Wood in the landscape of the Bow House mansion

The residence was fenced on one side from the neighboring plot with a wooden fence with metal mesh, which allows the owners to create a private and secluded decoration for living and comfortable recreation.

Bow House Mansion fence

Complementing the patio area is an unusual plant with a thin trunk and several twisting branches.

Bow House Mansion's transparent walls

The food and beverage area was equipped with a concise and functional furniture set with light frosted fronts and metal appliances. A massive island sits at the epicenter of the space, and is equipped with a sink and wooden countertop, allowing owners to prepare delicacies and meals in a cozy setting.

Bow House Mansion Interior Design

This area is harmoniously connected to a small hallway that houses the kitchen area. They are visually accented by different flooring and ceiling height difference.

Sofa in the interior of Bow House Mansion

A shelving unit and television display were placed on the opposite side of the room, allowing family members to enjoy watching programs and movies in an inviting and comfortable setting.

Bow House interior design

The second tier of the mansion provides sleeping quarters and private nooks for family members, giving them high privacy and concealed from view.

The bedroom of the Bow House mansion

The bathroom is styled in a similar manner, which combines modern white-washed bathroom fixtures, textured wood surfaces, and small windows along the roof. The bathroom has a modest footprint, but the streamlined layout and unusual new ideas in design made it possible to accommodate all the necessary areas for hygiene and water procedures.

Bow House Plumbing

Another bathroom was located on the first floor. It is united with the landscape by the transparent glazing of the shower stall, which gives a sense of volume and fresh air.

Bow House Mansion bathroom

The stunning and sustainable Bow House by Edwards Moore in Richmond, Australia is a phenomenal and imaginative design featuring an unusual floor plan that cleverly incorporates the residence into a crowded urban environment, a comfortable design using natural and textured materials, and an unusual stylistic statement that captures the gaze of guests.

Interior photography by Fraser Marsden.

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