Experience the beauty of the cozy Moraga residence by Jennifer Weiss Architecture and Palmer Weiss Interior Design, California

Living room of a cozy Moraga California residence

The living room is in the most advantageous position, in front of a large glass sliding door that opens onto the courtyard. Soft mustard-colored sofa, oval coffee table and wooden floor finishings create a cozy harmony. The interior space was completely transformed, eliminating unnecessary walls and partitions, the room was divided into functional areas.

Kitchen of a cozy Moraga residence in California
Kitchen at California's Cozy Moraga Residence
The staircase of the cozy Moraga residence in California

Light wood furniture looks beautiful against the snow-white painted walls and ceiling. Functional cabinets, tables, bedside tables and other furnishings decorate and complete the interior. In the house, a study is located in a very compact room, a small room is arranged, albeit minimally, but it is comfortable and convenient to work in.

The study of the cozy Moraga residence in California
A floor plan for an intimate Moraga California residence

Cozy modern residence was rebuilt and completely remodeled from an old ranch. The creators of the project put as much effort as possible to ensure that the housing fully meets the needs of the family. And looking at such a functional layout – they succeeded.

Image courtesy of Lucas Fladzinski.

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