Exquisite design project of a suburban wooden house in the classical style

Hello, dear readers. Today we present the West End Country House by Lily G.

The villa's interior is exceptional, featuring a variety of textures and patterns. It was the real highlight of the mansion. Even the most discerning homeowner will appreciate this surprisingly harmonious blend of "personalities": It's impossible not to feel great here!

A Mediterranean style house

The premises are very comfortable and compact. Their decorative elements turn the building into a work of art. Inside, white dominates: in every room it harmonizes with the other. But everywhere you go, there is a very special atmosphere. The residence is divided by passageways and separated by wooden doors.

Veranda design in the Mediterranean style

As for the decor, it is simply magnificent. In the living room – a lot of ornaments in the "hunting" style.

Deer head in the living room interior

The furniture is quite simple, but luxurious. The color white prevails outside and gives a feeling of tranquillity.

Mediterranean kitchen
Mediterranean-style dining room
The index card in the interior
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