Family country house by Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Landscaping the grounds of a family country house in Rotterdam

The rules of space in the area are very strict, as the region's residents want to protect nature in its current beauty. The three freestanding buildings have their own defined landscape. One is tucked into a garden, another has a terrace overlooking a field, another has a view of a dam.

Design of a family country house in Rotterdam
Design of a family country house in Rotterdam

The design of the new home blends very gently into the existing neighborhood, the dark color of the facade, traditional shingles and window frames accentuate the century-old architectural style. The chosen configuration of the buildings relates to local traditions and building typology. Traditionally a rustic structure consists of several elements, with the house itself in the foreground and the barns behind it.

The design of a family country house in Rotterdam

The surrounding gardens, terraces and landscape can be reconstructed in the future with care and respect, restoring the original landscape that was partially lost due to construction work.

Living room of a family country house in Rotterdam

One side of the wall is large windows and a door that provides access to the outdoor terrace, saturating the space of the house with fresh air, while a corridor leading from the living room to the center of the building has exits to the bedrooms and the bathroom.

Living room of a family country house in Rotterdam

Each room has large built-in closets. Wood planking was used on the walls and ceilings throughout the house to bring harmony to the interior. Thanks to the cooperation with the designer of the project was able to avoid the standardization of furniture furnishings and bring a few colorful notes, which correspond to the lifestyle of the owners.

Staircase of a family country house in Rotterdam
Bedroom of a family country house in Rotterdam
Beveled ceiling of a family country home in Rotterdam

The beveled bedroom ceiling echoes the shape of the roof, the windows on either side of the bed let you admire the night sky and the stars, and in the morning wake up to the first rays of sunshine, reminding you that in the village you stay up late and wake up early.

The clear architecture and well-defined proportions should be noted. The goal of the Dutch studio Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten, founded in 2001. Mechthild Stuhlmacher and Rien Kortekniewant, – to build homes that create a sense of coziness and attractiveness, but at the same time match the character of the owners.

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