Floating among the hills Panorama House for a large family

The architecture firm Moon Hoon completed this extraordinary facility in 2011. The modern mansion in Chungbuk, South Korea, is 210 square meters. Its distinctive feature – a large wooden staircase with a built-in slide and bookshelf. The architects talk about their work: The client is a married couple of teachers in their thirties with four children.

This means that by standards, the Contempory family belongs to the category of large families. The first, most important thing they wanted in their new home – a place for their little ones to play, read, learn. It was also their desire to have the first floor occupied by modern children's rooms, and for themselves to equip the top.

House on a hilly terrain
Spacious kitchen with wood trim
Space and comfort for a large family
A place to relax and watch TV
A wooden staircase for learning and playing
A unique creation by Korean architects
A study space under the stairs
The natural wood staircase
Plenty of room for children and their toys
Bathroom screen
Hilly terrain for walks
Panorama House Contemporary Cottage Exterior
The exterior of the modern Panorama House
Panorama House blueprint
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