Glass belt around the house – stunning Pabellon-S project by Taller Diez 05, Veracruz, Mexico

What you don't see at Forum City! Here's an example, Veracruz, South of Mexico. Project Pabellon-S. The imagination of Mexican architects, their Taller Diez 05 strikes with its originality.

Designer glass terrace in Mexico

It would seem to be an ordinary living room, but it's not that simple. First, this pavilion was added to an existing house. Second, they filled the vacant part of the irregularly shaped garden with this structure.

Designer glass terrace in Mexico

Glass walls on both sides allow a view of both the green hedge and the garden. The original lighting in the evening makes the picture almost mystical.

Designer glass terrace in Mexico

The room is built so that it has no direct contact with vegetation. But it seems to be one with the surrounding landscape.

Designer glass terrace in Mexico
The terrace pavilion

In addition, the pavilion serves another function. It's like a belt that connects the buildings on the property.

Terrace Pavilion

Architecturally, it continues the theme of the main buildings – minimalism in forms and colors. White and a little bit of gray.

Designer glass terrace in Mexico
A designer glass terrace in Mexico

The pavilion is connected to the main building with a wooden walkway. Perfectly logical, and a deck made of the same wood, on which you can relax on a chilly evening.

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