Magnificent projects of typical country houses of luxury class

Solid Australian developer Carlisle Homes introduces a new line of homes Barwon MK2. We thought it necessary to detail the description of an attractive offer – in Melbourne, a residence with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage for two cars costs an average of $ 320,000, which compares to our realities.

The beautiful combination of colors of the Barwon MK2 residence
A beautiful furniture design in the Barwon MK2 residence
A cabinet for sorting bacalli under the kitchen table of the Barwon MK2 residence
Beautiful dining table design in the Barwon MK2 residence
Wall cabinet is great for sorting interior decor
Above the bed in the bedroom are beautiful paintings by contemporary artists
Lots of pillows on the large bed in one of the bedrooms of the Barwon MK2 residence
Beautiful exterior facade of Barwon MK2 residence

You can specify the contents of your future home online – there is a special electronic form on the organization's website. By filling it out you can virtually walk around the inside and outside of the building.

According to corporate standards, the facility is commissioned fully equipped. That means you only need to bring your house slippers with you – Carlisle Homes will take care of the rest. For your money, of course

Warm colors in the bathroom of the Barwon MK2 residence
Guest dining table at the Barwon MK2 residence
A beautiful round table in the center of the living room
Great room arrangement of Barwon MK2 residence
Barwon MK2 residence's modern kitchen area layout
The beautiful staircase structure leading to the second floor of the Barwon MK2 residence

Photos courtesy of Carlisle Homes.

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