Man-made lakefront home high in the mountains by Marga Rotger, Mallorca, Spain

Good day and happy holidays to all who are now in the pages of Forum City. Today we have the opportunity to make an unusual journey. I suggest we go to Spain, to the most mysterious and beautiful island of Mallorca. There at the top of the mountain the company Marga Rotger designed and built a very beautiful and comfortable home for the family.

The correct name for the island of Mallorca, which in Catalan means The Big Island. The history of this piece of present Spain is very rich. The first people settled on the island back in Paleolithic times. Archaeologists found the remains of ancient man on the land.

Adventurers know the island from descriptions of the adventures of pirates. Carthage was one of the many conquerors who constantly besieged and conquered the island. After the fall of the warlike state, pirates settled in Mallorca and stayed there for decades. Quintus Metellus – the Roman consul had done away with the pirates on the seas, and the island changed its ruler again.

While under Roman rule, Mallolca began to develop. They began to grow olives and grapes. Then a series of wars and invasions and the island became part of Spain. Now, besides agriculture and wine production, it derives great revenues from tourism. In addition to history, travelers are attracted by the warm climate and the beautiful mountains.

Access for visitors, and indeed residents are limited in some areas. So, for example, to climb to the top of the highest mountain, the Serra de Tramuntana. This is a military base area. It is possible to climb only the second highest Massanella, which is located nearby.
The house we are about to see stands on top of a lesser known and not so high mountain, but it is worthy of no less attention than the famous places for tourists.

Lakeside home in the mountains

The dining room is separated from the home theater by a fireplace that hangs from the ceiling with a large black pipe with a stove oval on the end. Behind the sofas with zircon colored tufted upholstery, open shelves with whole stacks of CDs. Above – there are pictures and books.

Natural Oak Flooring. It has been oiled and waxed, so it retains its unique natural pattern and hue.

A house on the shore of a lake in the mountains

The shape of the fireplace is reminiscent of an alien ship. By the window facing the swimming pool, there is a big monitor. The light curtains, assembled at the top, drop down to shade the room when the owners are watching a video.

In the corner in a big pot is a native birch tree. The second wall also has a stained glass window facing the second wing of the house.

The house is on the lakeside in the mountains

All kitchen equipment and furniture are white. Only the seats of the sofa, which is located along the wall in front of the table, stand out in orange. The niche in the wall has the same tone. Above the back, shelves of paintings and decorations.

A table is lit by ceiling lamps hanging on long cords. They have no lampshades and are shaped like a bulb. Several LEDs are embedded in the ceiling near the window and the top of the niche. Table tops and trim strips of shiny stainless steel.

Lakeside home in the mountains

In the hallway, a stained-glass window takes up almost the entire outer wall. Along it stands a wooden bench, decorated with carvings. Behind the window is a flowerbed with small plants and a large artificial cactus.

A lakeside house in the mountains

Minimalist bedroom. Nothing superfluous and everything is functional. The interior combines the colors of white and light wood. The bathroom, also in light colors, is visible through the open door.

A lakeside home in the mountains

The bathroom is decorated with wood and glass. The window is covered by a frosted curtain. The cabinet under the sink is made of wood. A large mirror enlarges the room. Glass in the dryer and walls of the shower stall.

A lakeside home in the mountains

The children's washbasin is distinguished, just like the rooms, by its brightness. Fire engine on the wall. Bed with red pillows, but different, bigger and higher.

House on the lake in the mountains

On the terrace, a boardwalk table and folding chairs. Cream colored concrete floor. The canopy is cloth, the same as the curtains on the windows. The sun is setting and the living room light is on. Beautiful panoramic view of the peaks of the mountains and woods in the hillside from the front of the house. A charming place to rest.

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